Haha when I said my zone is wayy different I meant it. There are four Elders in my district (I am the District Leader by the way) and one Sister. Me and Elder Beacham are American, but every other Elder and Sister (except Elder Davis who was also at BYU this last year we just never met somehow) in our zone is from some kind of island so eating meals with them is crazy. I love it here though. I have never felt so calm and confident in doing something that seems so impossible to me. I guess it is because I have never had more faith that the Lord will take care of me. I forgot your questions back at my residence, but I'll try to see if I can answer as many as possible anyways.

My companion is Elder Vaai, he is from Australia but is Samoan and speaks heavily accented Australian English and Samoan. He can play any song it seems like by ear on the piano and right before he came here he was playing sponsored rugby in Australia. He is the absolutely weirdest person I have ever met, and yet I already love him like a brother.

Other people in my district are: Elder Beacham, from Utah,  Elder Pulufano, from Samoa, and Sister Pasina, from Samoa. There is supposed to be one more elder who will make a trio companionship with me and Elder Vaai but he hasn't arrived yet.

Elder Vaai and I are supposed to teach a lesson in Kiribati tomorrow to an investigator so we have that all set up in English. Now we just need to translate it and memorize and learn how to say it haha!

I went to the temple for the second time today, and I just went with the attitude that Heavenly Father will give me a testimony that it is true. I have never felt so peaceful in my life.  In fact I felt so peaceful I dozed off a couple times. Guess that isn't such a great start for me since it is only my second time haha. I loved the experience though and am already getting used to all of the things within.

"Elder" is still Elder in Kiribati, but everything else on my name tag is completely different. I honestly don't even know what all of it says.

Funny last little thing. I have all of my gym time with my zone which means that they are all Polynesian and so when we go to the basketball and volleyball courts, which we have done twice already, I may or may not crush all of them over and over. Haha they don't mind however and I am learning to take it easy since I've gotten two warnings from the MTC people already for dunking and for jump serving the volleyball. I meant to take pictures and there was plenty of opportunities, but I keep forgetting my camera so I guess no pictures for you...

I had this whole plan to end with my testimony in Kiribati, but I am hitting a blank and I forgot my notebook so I guess you guys will just have to wait for that.  I do know however that this is the Lord's work. Every single Elder and Sister has an incredible story because not many people choose to serve missions from the islands, but when they do they are faithful! I am honestly so humbled by the fact that I have been chosen to serve a mission and to be able to associate with all of these amazing people. They are awesome. N anun Iesu Kristo. Amen

Elder Pettingill
Elder Pettingill with his BYU roommate who took him to the MTC for us