Sunday, April 26, 2015

Christmas Week 6

Haha that would be pretty awesome if that kid came here haha. (Rich is hoping the son of another Elder from his mission goes to Daniel's mission. The son of Rich's second companion, Elder McCormick, is currently Daniel's district leader.We also read of two white, American sisters being called to his mission recently.) I hear there is supposed to be a lot of new missionaries coming in the summer and President has plans to open a lot of new areas...but Idk I just do my thing

So I will try to send another letter on Thursday with an SD card in it with pictures.

This past week was pretty...sweet haha.  We got a split in so I was with Elder McCormick for a day which was pretty cool.  He's way chill and had some good insights. I got about 7 flat that was rough, eventually we found out that there was a thorn inside my bike tire so it kept poking a new hole in my tube... Dad maybe you might want to check that on Beth's bike ;) (Beth's bike keeps getting holes in the tires and Rich told Daniel he can't figure out why.)

Other than that it was a fast week.  But it's definitely weeks like that which, little after little, shape us into the people we need to be tomorrow.

I love you all,

Elder Pettingill
Rich with his second mission companion in Argentina, Elder McCormick. 


Did Elder Tareka's brother got baptized? Where do you do the baptism? What was the program like?  Elder Tareka's brother got baptized. It was good. We had almost 30 people there. there were two other kids we baptized. solid service.

Do you feel like your testimony is growing? Yeah my testimony is growing

Did you get any letters or the Easter pkg?  I haven't got any letters or packages yet

Did you get to do any more shark fishing?  We haven't yet, maybe later

How is Sister Lavender who served in our ward?  She is great. Married to an RM. stay at home mom. one kid wayy nice

Do they have primary in your branch? How many children are there? Do you ever get to teach the children? Yes they do. they have like 10-20 kids. Nope they have a primary presidency

What about the youth program? Are any living at home or do they all go to Moroni High on Tarawa?  Some go to different schools, it's combined with the YSA.

Are we going to be able to skype? Uhmm about the skype...We're not exactly sure how that will work here. Elder Stone and I will try at the hotel and there's another place we are going to try to get to work. We'll probably have to let you all know the week right before...but also it'd be sweet to try to get on at the same time as Jacob if you all just tell us when he will be skyping we will try to get on with our phone, if it's allowed.

Anyways, I love you too! thank you soo much for being awesome!

Elder Pettingill

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A letter in the mail!

23/3/15 or 3/23/15

To my family:
     So I don't think my email got out to y'all today and I figured I haven't written a letter to y'all in ages. Also Elda Stone's a big communicator through letters and I guess he must be rubbing off on me...
     Anywho, I have been in Kiritimati for over two weeks...It's Thursday now. Dinner fell through so we got back early and cooked here. Dinner is the last thing we do because here (in Kiritimati) after 7:30 it's too dark to go around so that's when we have dinner. (Fun Fact) We just basically white washed the whole district here with only Elders Aru and Openshaw staying and Sister Pasina (kain au <from my> intake!) District meetings on Thursdays so we had that and took pictures...though not on my camera, was legit. Set a district goal for 20 baptisms in April so we'll be working hard for that one.
     By the way, we found President Weir did go fishing on Monday (when he visited) but didn't take any missionaries which was a bummer (I feel like Napolean Dynamite using that word--and my hair is getting long again...) Oh well, he's coming back in May. So maybe we'll get to go then!
     Gotta say it's been pretty swell (I feel like "Clark"/nerdy Superman with that one) being comps with Elda Stone. We get along great. Have no trouble talking all the time. Lessons go smooth and we work hard. No complaints only thanks. (Just made that rhyme up haha) Does that even rhyme? I aki ataia Imanga kabi ntaetae ni Imatang. E tikiraoi bwate kekeiaki ngkoe. (I don't know. I'm not that good at speaking outsider again. It's good. I'm getting there you.)  By the way...definitely sitting cross legged (kabwari) while writing this with a pillow for my table. You all should try it, it's wayy comfortable and keeps you awake too!
     Also I figure I should let Adam and all other prospective opponents in sports know for when I get back that Stone's big on working out in the mornings and it's gotten me pumped up so I'm working out too and am currently at 200+ pushups everyday. So watch out. Also warning to all cute girls RM Elder Pettingill it going to be hott. All I do is tan, workout and spread the Gospel everyday. ; ) hahaha
     Okay sorry this was all over the place on this. You are free to throw it in the trash if y'all are mad.
     I hope you all are happy! I love yous and keep being awesome all of you guys and maybe you'll get called to Kiribati!
     Love, Elder Pettingill

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Christmas Week 5

Mauri ngkami!

So uhm we didnt end up doing sand volleyball...power outage and stuff...but we did just get back from fishing for sharks and standing on the reef and catching crabs, way good start, didn't catch any sharks but it was still fun...Kiritimati island holds a ton of world records for fishing so if we're gunna catch anything it'll be here!

Wayy good week. Like we saw a lot of blessings. Actually we literally are sitting here emailing and the receptionist asked us if we had any books to read, elder stone asked if she wanted a book of Mormon and she said yes and that she'd had lessons before with sisters but wasn't ready then and now with a small kid and a runaway husband she's ready to change her we'll go and teach her tonight. Straight miracles.

We baptized elder tareka's brother this past Saturday and started lessons with his oldest brother and now it looks like we might get his step dad...also his mom came to the baptism and almost came to church.   

Honestly this last week was the rewards of confronting Satan head on and not backing down.   Everything from rain and wind everyday to investigators giving up and acting like they didn't even know us.

Love being a missionary. Love having the spirit. I love all of you. No need to worry cause we're all perfectly safe out here.

What I've found to be key is making sure that you do everything you need to do today, today. Cause every time you back off or push off something for whatever reason, it only makes it that much harder the next time around.

Oh also I'm going to be really tired when I get home.

Regarding Mother's Day, I'll ask around about skyping...shouldn't be a problem, we'll see if the internet lets us it might just end up being a call...might be able to work out calling at the same time as Jacob if you all want.

Love you!
Sorry if I'm not making any sense
Elder Pettingill
our three missionaries just before Jacob left

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christmas Week 4

Soo hey.

Today's gunna be quick cause we're gunna go play companion sand volleyball and go down to the local wharf.

Not much is new. Still pounding away out here.  If anyone needs bike help, pretty sure I'll be the guy since we have now dealt with almost every bike problem imaginable including at least 10 flat tires since we've been here so patching is like 2nd nature... 

Banana is like a 20 minute drive from the place where we district meeting...

Wayy weird Josh is 17 like I kinda still feel like I'm 17 haha we'll both be freshman in college when I get home but that's like forever away so we're all good .

Quick spiritual experience: We asked a kid named Namoititi to pray about our lessons ...he didn't feel it. We asked him to really search for the truth. He prayed again and felt the spirit.

Also record for crabs killed by me on the way biking home at night is 24. Combined with Elder Stone we killed almost 50. So fun.

Anyways I love you all, think there was a bunch of stuff I forgot to say but maybe next week? ;)

Elder Pettingill 

Have you met the sister from Christmas Island who served in our ward? I thought I told you about her... I met her, had dinner with her twice and figured it out there. She remembered me as a 16 year old who blessed the sacrament in the ward split conference,    wayyy awesome. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Christmas Week 3

Heyy. wasup?

First off can't believe Kody's finally getting baptized.  He used to go to seminary with me all the time. Like he was in two of my classes?  He like needed a ride and his carpool was mormons so answer was he went to seminary. Great guy.  Tell him what a great decision he's making for me.

Tareka is in the Philippines nowadays and he's doing great.

Banana is solid.  Last week I got a group of 5 kids to all close their eyes and try not to be the first one to laugh...and then I shot them all with the nerf gun.  Although, I think I may have to retire it now since it isn't exactly a inviter of the Holy Ghost to our lessons now is it?  At least that's what Stone says....Hahah

We did end up getting to listen to today's session of general conference with this one member named Rodney who somehow had BYU channel...although the picture ended up not working but it was still wayy sweet.  the missionaries who got to see yesterdays said it was better though....I don't know. What I heard was great and Uchtorf had a great talk.  I was kinda in n out of sleep for the rest of them so I'm not quite sure who's was who's but it was still good!

Spiritual experience?  we asked one of our investigator (Tareka's little brothers friend)  if he would be willing to prayer about the restoration and baptism on his second lesson with us but he just stopped us cold and said he's already gained a testimony of prayer from our lesson on it with us...something that he has never thought was important before..and because of that he knows our lessons are true and so the restoration must be true and he was wayy happy to be baptized.  It was a really awesome experience especially since we've been seeing quite a little bit of opposition lately.

All good. Keep working hard. I love Elder Stone, my mission president and being a missionary and I love all of you guys too! ;)

Elder Pettingill

P.S.  I tried to send pictures. I'll copy to one of the sim cards and send one home next week. sorry


How is the language coming? Is it pretty different from what you spoke on Beru and Tarawa? language is solid.

How is your 'son' Elder Tareka doing? Is he still in Provo or already to his mission? tareka is in his area. 

How old is his brother? Is anyone else in his family a member? his bro is 12 and the rest of his family are not members but they aren't quite ready for lessons yet I think. We're trying.

Are you having any trouble finding people to teach? yes and no.  We're getting there.

Do you have hot showers in the hotel? no. cold

Do you ever see or hear evening shows or performances at the hotel? no. we work.  Although though saw a little bit of this wayy cool one...

What kind of people stay at the hotel with you? fishermen mostly. we don't see them much. it's like bangaloos. like little huts/two room houses

How big is Banana? not that big. like a ten minute bike ride through it.

What do you do on pday? we rest. email. go down to the other missionaries. in a couple weeks we have something special planned which'll be sweet. today we watched conference.

Some pictures I found on the internet of the village where be is working. 
Banana pre-school
view of Beach near Captain Cook Hotel
Ba'hai faith church and local homes in Banana