Monday, April 25, 2016

Nonouti Week 13

Quick note while he knows the internet is working:

Oh hey so yeah internet is working again. Apparently I get to take a

charter plane into tarawa tomorrow and elder Powell will be coming out
here.  I am feeling way healthy nowadays. Like just like my old
self. I got a fever so I've been sweaty a ton nowdays but other than I
am great!

Love you guys!

Longer email:

These past few weeks with Kennedy have been fun. can't remember what

I've told yall but I've gotten healthy then sick again and now healthy
again. A baptism which was awesome, although things escalted when a
missionary from another church showed up...whaat?  We planted a garden
by our houose of papaya so we'll see what becomes of that.. got a cat.
hey we could either have pet rats or one pet cat. you choose which ;)
And had a blast trying to get my homemade machete done in time but
we'll see if it makes it haha

Love the people here actually way sad to leave them even though I've

only been here for three months. They have been so nice to me and we've
had a ton of fun! They've been my family while being away and now like
I'm leaving them ALL for realz. Gosh...although innout is calling my
name and I want to see all of you too ;-)

so you know how it goes

ps I'm on the lookout for any Kiribati women over 6'5" 220 pounds who

is willing to carry me off the plane for pictures sake, if I'm
successful everyone's dreams of my mission will come true :)

Oh you know I'm down for a night of what you americans call "camping"

(in reference to fathers and sons campout)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nonouti Week 11

Early this week, we heard that Daniel was sick and had been unable to eat for at least three weeks, causing him to lose a lot of weight and to be so weak he was unable to work. We were naturally very worried. We immediately reached out to a group of missionary moms on Facebook and our family, asking everyone to pray for him. Mid-week, we heard from the mission president that they were watching his health closely but keeping him on his island. We were hoping to hear from him today, and we were so grateful to receive these emails. 

Hey Mom,

Don't worry about me. I'm doing fine. I am a little emotionally drained
from all of this but I'm getting back on track. This past week (since
last Monday or Sunday) I started eating normally again. Not as much as
I normally do but I ate a lot more than I have in awhile and it's just
been getting better ever since. 
Before I would have to force any small
amount of food I could down until I just couldn't anymore. Like I
would throw up or something if I did. Now I just eat normally and am
really hungry all of the time. Still pretty tired all of the time but 
getting better. 
My new companion has come with a lot of energy and ready to work. He's an 
awesome elder. I  wanted to work too and so on Thursday we went and taught a 
couple lessons and then visited a less active/member family that just showed up. 
Man that wore me out and so Friday I slept basically all day long. We didn't do 
anything but go and buy food and toilet paper (this whole going to the 
bathroom in a hole in the ground has got the new elder a little...well let's
just say he's not sure what to think about it ;) ) So I decided it
would be worth it to take the trip to get toilet paper since going to
the BR in a hole and doing without toilet paper might have been too
much for him. Then Saturday I was feeling better again and we went
to teach lessons and ended up getting fed papaya and parrot fish
(I think?)  I ate a LOT and felt so good after and then we cooked
dinner too and Sunday I was able to handle the rough church schedule
without a problem and now here we are!  Not the best but getting
there little by little.

Elder Pettingill

Hey Dad,

Thanks for the update. It's always weird to get such a current update
from you every week and then get another more in depth one from mom
about a month later but it's way fun to read both and have really
enjoyed it my entire mission. Thank you both for putting so much
effort in just so that I get to hear what's going on with my family.

Like I said in my quick email to mom, this past week has been one of
getting better so I guess all of those prayers really did work. Crazy,
everyone starts praying for me and then almost instantly I finally
start getting better after being sick for almost 4 weeks (don't know
if you all knew it'd been that long.) It's been fun to have my new companion 

here as welll but kinda been lame to have Elder Larsen go
since we got along really welll. He was stoked to get his second outy
though so that's fun for him. Hahaha he didn't kow that he was about
to go and be senior companion with a junior comp who has only been out
2-3 months haha. Sure that was a surprise for him!

By the way, somehow innout double-doubles and shakes as well as jamba
juice and oranges have been making it into my dreams a lot lately. Maybe
that's why I finally got hungry enough to eat? haha but seriously I am
going to need all of the above when I get home please. ;)

So yeah that's what has been going on with me lately. Way stoked that
email is sorta working today.

love y'all

Elder Pettingilll


Man this is crazy. almost 2 years ago I turned 18 and then left for my
mission 3 days later and now Josh is exactly where is was age-wise now
that he turned 18. That is insane! Time really does fly.  Like I left
so long ago and have been gone until now and now Josh is where I was
when I left. I can't believe it, too crazy

love ya Josh

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nonouti Week 10

Hey guys,

The internet is sort of working this week. Got to read all of your
emails but responding is sketchy cause if it dies on you, you are
stuck. This past week has been fun. We had a few new people show up
to church in one of the villages called Matang.

Yes Elder Larsen is transferring. He is headed for Marakei on Friday
and is leaving here on Wednesday. Elder Kennedy will be coming to
replace Elder Larsen. I know him from Tarawa  and he will be fun to
work with for the few weeks I have left :)

I have been falling behind on my journal entries lately so I have been
working real hard to get all caught up with those. I always try to
find a miracle and a spiritual prompting for every day.

I got the package and with it quite a few letters. It was way fun and
Elder Larsen and I really enjoyed the oreos and the nutella packets.
so good. Also the new shirts fit perfect. Thank you so much Mom for
sending them! Also thanks for the flashdrive and everything in the
package. It was really packed with stuff huh? Loved the dried fruit too

gunna make this short cause again, internet isn't too good but I love
you all and hope you are doing swell ;)

Elder Pettingill