Monday, May 16, 2016

Homecoming talk

Daniel gave his homecoming talk on May 15, 2016.  Here is a link to the audio file.  It is a google drive file and you will need to use one of the third party links they give to listen it. Sound quality is supposedly better on a computer. It starts at quiet but gets louder within 30 seconds. 

We are so grateful to have Daniel home! He is happy and adjusting. Surprisingly, he is eating American food with no trouble. He is easy-going and cheerful and helpful. From his homecoming talk, we recognized a humility and a maturity that he did not have before. We are so grateful for the opportunity he had to serve a mission! Specifically, we are so grateful that he served in Kiribati, as hard as it was sometimes. We know that he touched lives, including his own and ours, in ways that have helped us all to change and grow closer to the Savior and to Father in Heaven. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Last email

For the last email of his mission, we sent a few quick emails back and forth:

Hey what do you think I should try and get for the boys? Also imma try
and Skype today if its free. There's a LOT of missionaries and I have to do
some leaving stuff too any prefer times?

I hope buying things for the kids isn't taking up all your money. I was
hoping that was enough for some things for yourself and also a little cash
for the flight home

Its not I just have to try and find something haha not The most
tourist friendly place if you know what I mean:)

On another topic, you are speaking next Sunday. Your topic is faith 
promoting experiences from your mission. You get as long as you want. There
is one youth speaker, a musical number, you, then another adult speaker who
will use whatever time is left.

Ohh k sick but like mum what are you doing? Don't you know I'm trying
to stay focused on my mission? ;)

aight Im on :)

skype wanna see if it works

Hey looks like I'll try later like maybe on thursday ;)

or maybe tomorrow let you guys know!