Friday, June 27, 2014

MTC--Week 4

​Hahaha where to begin?

Alright how about the fact that I just went to the temple for the last time for two years today?? It is going to be closed for the next two weeks so I will have a bunch of extra time. That will be helpful, but I would definitely take three hours at the temple anyday. It was a super great session today.

Haha I laughed really hard when I opened my first aid kit to get some vitamin C and I found what, like Barbie and like Bugs Bunny bandaids?  I'm almost trying to get a scrape or something now just so I have a reason to throw one of those bad boys on!  Also another funny story, apparently one of the girls I knew from college talked to a couple of the sisters in my zone the other day and told them to say hi to me. So they gave me a whole skit basically making fun of me for I guess knowing so many girls in front of everyone. So uhm yeah that was hilarious!

The language is coming along great! I can for the most part say in a simple sense anything I want to in a lesson in Kiribati, using English here and there. Most importantly though I listen to the spirit in a lesson, translate to Kiribati, and then watch as I just said exactly what the investigator needed to hear. Rather I should say I just preached exactly what the spirit wanted to teach. 

Next let's talk spiritual, or at least I'll try to transition to that anyway.  My companion and I got called to be the new Zone Leaders starting on Sunday. Turns out the Lord wasn't gunna wait till then to start giving me those feelings of responsibilities though because as soon as I was called, I just had this super strong prompting to have a talk with my companion and impress upon him what this new calling means. That and this calling have been exactly what he has needed and this whole week has just been one amazing day after the other.  It was needed too because we just got like 8 new missionaries to our zone and every single one of them has been struggling with something and I can tell it has been hard for all of them. Luckily, last night the Lord gave me a string of promptings that I think has improved things dramatically. First I had the thought that I needed to talk to a particular sister in my district about an issue, but I had the prompting in the middle of class after we had just taken a break. I followed it though and based off what she had said, I had the feeling I should take my companion and go and talk to another elder in the zone who I knew was struggling, but I had that prompting after I had just came back into class. Again I listened and turned out one of the zone leaders was already talking to him. I had the thought to just wait and talk to my companion until they were done and while we talked we came up with the idea that we needed to have a zone inventory or a chance for everyone in the zone to share their feelings. Needless to say we had that inventory and it gave a lot of the elders and one sister a chance to say what they were feeling and to clear a lot of things up. God loves his children and for every time that we are obedient he blesses one of them that we love with a blessing.  

Last thing, the mission president seminar went down this last weekend so all of the Apostles were here and everything. I got to have a conversation with Elder Bednar with a couple of the other people in my zone. Also we had a devotional from Elder Christofferson with like five other apostles that were there. So yeah I guess you could say that was pretty cool...but seriously.

Anyways I love hearing from you all and that letter from each of the kids was awesome!

 Thanks again for the note and the email and letters!

Love, Elder Pettingill (the Younger)

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