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Hahah so first off, the APs did not come yesterday because the charter plane they would've flown on was broken soo instead it is coming this Tuesday and Klatt will be leaving then and Matiari (Ma sa dee) will be coming in then! The world of just Kirbati is about to begin! I have loved having Klatt as my comp and he works wayy hard and it has been fun. It'll be nice to get a Kirbati comp so I can get the language down as fast as possible.

a loaf of 'mud'
Haha Dad you said it was about 5 months in till you were fluent in Spanish? I think the average here is about 6-8 months till they are confident, but I wouldn't say fluent and that's after living day to day with only Kiribati. Let's just say Spanish is a little easier ;) but no complaints here I love this place!  The food I love. I ate DOG 3 times this week, and one time I got to wash it down with the bocaboca (the mud, theres's a drink and a food. I've only had the drink so far, consists of seaweed, coconut and mudand another time they gave us parts of the stomach mixed with curry, I'd say it tastes most like corn beef but the experience is in no waay the same. ;) And then the fish and rice combo is hard to beat especially when they mix the rice with bin (coconut) and hot water and it tastes like oatmeal. Kangkang (yumyum)

The first 3 packages should come on the plane tomorrow and then after that who knows. ALSO, they are no longer sending packages down from Marshalls to Kiribati or at least in the next week or two they will stop so if you sent packages right away they might get sent down but after that they said you'll have to send them to Kirbati which is pretty expensve. It just got to be too much money sending packages down all the that's a real bummer.

I ride back and forth across an island all day everyday on a bike at the very end of its life (we should get new ones hopefully soon) and then sit cross legged the whole time in the house, then get right back on our bikes and repeat. Then I come home to sleeping on a couple of matts on our very solid yeah I am wayy glad I was in shape and flexible before coming here! I think I'm finally getting used to it all and I can finally sleep on my side without that whole side going numb after awhile haha!

Little kids are the best! If they see us riding our bikes they will all chase after us and try and give us high fives! I've gotten pretty good at riding with no hands so I can give high fives to kids on both sides! Members' little boys will come and jump all over me and the girls will sit on my lap or snuggle up next to me or will try to get me to play jacks with them.

Funny thing about the animals: They are all smaller except for the spiders, the crabs (haven't seen any massive ones but I got a pretty solid one with my bike the other day riding home, and the hermit crabs are all huge here) and the geckos (the ones that come out at night are the same color as toys that will glow in the dark, like the whitish green, wayy sweet). Everything else just doesn't have enough food to get as big as in America.

This week was a really pretty good one. We saw a bunch of miracles, worked pretty hard until Klatt had to set up all of his goodbye parties and stuff. The swelling on my face has gone down a bunch, although everywhere else it's gotten worse haha.  We had four sweet baptisms this week, a husband and wife and then the wife of a member and then the son of two people who can't be baptized quite yet because his old wife (Catholic) won't sign the divorce papers so he can marry his actual wife. Their daughter'll get baptized next week though which will make 3 of there 4 baptism age children baptized. Wayy faithful!

Experience of the week: pulled Elder Klatt on his bike because his tire got bent and he couldn't pedal it by himself...we looked pretty funny going across the island him holding on to a stick and us both just pedaling our hearts out! so tiring especially since he stopped pedaling at one point the jerk!

One more story: spiders average size here is palm sized but one night we were riding home at 7:00 so naturally it is pitch black and I felt something on my ear, look over and a spider who at that moment looked as big as me and probably was just a little smaller than my face was just hitching a ride on my shoulder. That and every single spider since has felt a very quick and precise death 

Love you all! and remember if you feel the spirit you are doing what God wants of you!

Elder Pettingill, (the younger)

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