Monday, October 12, 2015

Maiana Week 3

SO  Katie's engaged huh? What's the new last name?  Sweet for her...truth be told (in kiribati introductions can get pretty detailed) I've been telling everyone Katie's engaged for about a month now so glad she didn't make me a liar!

Elder Nauer and I are getting along real well. He's straight out from Samoa but speaks really good english but basically everything we say is mixed (english/kiribati/sometimes samoan) Talofa lemu lau susuga!  Haha

Yeah there's tons of villages out here in Maiana and so our church is normally an hour long in each of the villages which means we leave at 8 am and come back home around 9ish pm. Nothing beats a day full of church although at the halfway point you start to get sick of it and then it gets better...
Glad the pictures and outfit were received and appreciated. 

The works really been picking up here in Maiana plus we've all been asked to do the 1st 12 weeks program (for new missionaries in the field) so we've been really busy!

I love you all! Talk to all more next week!

Elder Pettingill


Email's working this week. Yes, Elder Stone's foot got infected. Then like didn't go away. Got pretty swolled so he had surgery in Tarawa and got sent home to rest for a month...Elder Stone took the SD cards home with him and then said he'd send them in a package with your kiribati outfit...I hope you like it! Maiana is an outy for sure. We live in a stick house 13 by 11 feet I think. People here are close to Tarawa so they have a more laid back attitude than Beru and so far the work is going good. It's a really sweet island. Pretty green. Bananas grow and papaya and stuff so that's awesome.  It's a good size bigger than Beru. We live in the middle and it takes about an hour to go the one side (I haven't been to the other side yet)

Here are some pictures from the SD cards from Christmas Island before Elder Stone was transferred

The Kiribati outfit that he sent me with the SD cards
Also here is a brief video clip of the members of the branch dancing. 

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