Monday, May 9, 2016

Last email

For the last email of his mission, we sent a few quick emails back and forth:

Hey what do you think I should try and get for the boys? Also imma try
and Skype today if its free. There's a LOT of missionaries and I have to do
some leaving stuff too any prefer times?

I hope buying things for the kids isn't taking up all your money. I was
hoping that was enough for some things for yourself and also a little cash
for the flight home

Its not I just have to try and find something haha not The most
tourist friendly place if you know what I mean:)

On another topic, you are speaking next Sunday. Your topic is faith 
promoting experiences from your mission. You get as long as you want. There
is one youth speaker, a musical number, you, then another adult speaker who
will use whatever time is left.

Ohh k sick but like mum what are you doing? Don't you know I'm trying
to stay focused on my mission? ;)

aight Im on :)

skype wanna see if it works

Hey looks like I'll try later like maybe on thursday ;)

or maybe tomorrow let you guys know!

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