Saturday, July 5, 2014

MTC Week 5

Alright what to say..?

Haha everytime I have an experience throughout the week I'm like "Oh this'll be great to tell everyone!" and then I write it down somewhere and then never bring my notebook so we'll see what I can remember.

First off yes I received my travel plans and the passport (thanks Mom) and I leave next Saturday almost a full week before Kiribati Missionaries normally leave. I guess we're all ready extra early. ;) Anyways we'll fly down to LA and then after a 6 hour layover we'll take a plane straight to Fiji (first time they've ever done that) which will be a ten hour flight plus the extra 20 something hours of time change so we'll get there Monday. Then in a couple hours we have a flight to Tarawa which is a few hours. Then we'll check in learn all we need to know over skype. Then depending on where we head off to it'll either be a day plane ride or a one to two day boat ride and then we'll be there! Haha apparently we're supposed to memorize the baptismal prayer in Kiribati because we'll probably be asked to baptize someone that Saturday so that's something...

How has it been being a zone leader? Well two Elders nearly got sent home because they got inches away from having a full out fight.  So that's fun haha. Samoans these days am I right? PS why would they do that? Because one of them said the other Elder's first name and the other Elder said looks like we've got some dogs in the MTC, then boom at each others throats...ironically like dogs ;) On top of that we have been asked to settle companionship issues every day, if not twice a day, and let's just say the amount of obedience from each of the missionaries is either perfect or quite far from that haha...I'll tell you what though as hard as it has been I know that trusting in the Lord and doing all you can with faith in Him brings miracles. We are a completely different zone today then we were last friday when me and my companion started taking on the full responsibilities of being zone leaders. It has been beautiful to see.

Funny story for the week: my companion has been complaining all week that he just needs to play some rugby and he'll be good.  So today the teacher who was supervising gym time had a hurt back and so they all took advantage of that and started doing a little rugby in the gym. Elder Vaai is now sporting a solid welt on his cheek that makes him cry involuntarily (imagine my huge companion just pouring tears out of one eye and is unable to stop) and another Elder will now be using crutches for the next week. Man, haha this is an "I told you so" time if there ever was one!

Last thing: I got a new teacher this week because one of our teachers, Sister Clark, can't handle doing both teaching and all of the nursing work and schooling she is doing right now. This new teacher has pretty much pushed us in a way language wise that neither of our other two teachers has done. We have all started learning so much more so much faster, just like when we first entered the MTC. Haha I have been exhausted and have had the headaches all week just like in the beginning though too. Let's just say it's been a busy week!

Anyways I love you all! and I'm always so glad to hear y'all are doing great!
Elder Pettingill (The Younger)

Me and an Elder from Kiribati who is serving in the Philippines! (Notice Daniel's companion in the mirror)
Me and a friend from college who was on my hall. He just left for India 

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