Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beru-Week 3

Hey everyone so I'm still alive in case you were all wondering. Although I have had at least double digit bathroom/ocean/bush visits a day. I took some Pepto-bismol and that helped for a bit and then I ate more Kiribati food and we were right back where we started, or rather I was right back where I started. Elder Klatt is doing just fine...

Haha funny story actually: So on Mondays Elder Klatt really likes to have conversations with people back home so he'll have the lady lock us in so no one bugs us and we'll be in the email room until she comes back. We just got locked in and settled down when it hit me (refer to my previous bathroom comments to know what it is) and without saying anything I grabbed a plastic bag headed into the back room for a bit with my notebook and hand santizer and that was that...although Elder Klatt had a good laugh about it.

Let's give some details:  My house consists of the size of our living room and dining room combined and then walled off to make 3 rooms: a sort of kitchen, sleeping/study and then the one where all the junk and luggage is kept. Then we have a hole in the ground for our bathroom and then a well where we get our super clean water from (sarcasm) and then a group of rocks where we shower. So all in all it's pretty sweet and I have no complaints.

And the food: typical meal, dried rotten fish, that has flies on it from the second they take the cover off to the very last bite we take, and rice. Then we've got kareve (coconut sap that's been boiled) which tastes ok and smells, well not the best for sure. Oh and did I mention that flies like to dive bomb our drinks and then drown in them? Yeah when that happens you just flick it out and keep going. ;) Oh and the last gulp? It's not just backwash you're worried it about haha because the last gulp is basically just bugs that at some point got in the cup. It's like a pure shot of protein.  The worst part about it though is I actually really enjoy the meals here, like they're really good. Elder Klatt doesn't agree.

This week? We hit 35 lessons (we ride anywhere from 15-45 minutes to each group of lessons)  with like 16-20 different investigators and we have 5 planned baptisms for the 16th. I've had 3 different parties (all of the different church groups on the island, about 4 units of like 20 each) thrown for me because I'm new. And I have one last one I think tonight. And yes Beth I got to dance with the girls haha it was wayy crazy and wayy fun, but exhausting, like everything here.

My Companion?: Elder Klatt is wayy fun and yeah he works pretty hard. I can already tell we're going to get along great. I know I'm going to learn tons about the culture and the language from him.

Anyways I straight love it here and yes I have been having a really positive attitude because I don't want to waste any time letting anything get to me. This last week I learned a really valuable lesson about how when things are at their toughest, just forget yourself and go to work helping others.  It is the truth.  Because I'm not gunna lie, I feel like this place preys on every weakness I have. In fact, the other night I had a dream where I saw Heavenly Father choosing where to send me and he chose here and all of the angels gathered around just gasped because it requires so many things that I am weak in here and uses so few of my strengths. Then Heavenly Father just responded and said, "Just imagine who he'll be afterwards though."  Gosh it just hits me so hard everytime I think about it.

But anyways I love you all thanks for your support! It means tons!

Elder Pettingill (The Younger)

P.S. Hey mom thanks for sending some packages but it's really ok. I don't need too much and so you don't need to worry about me!  Although I could really use some triple A batteries, a calendar would be nice, Gatorade mix and fruit tootsie rolls would also be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to get settled with the food here in Kiribati for awhile and eat as little American food as possible. And since I'd like to be as thankful as possible for everything I receive, I'd ask that you just send a little every now and then or if I ask for something I really need! I'm not sure if this making sense but what I am trying to say do not feel like you need to take care of me out here, but if you could send a little something every now and then that would be more than enough!

I seriously am so grateful for you all back at home and trust me that isn't something I developed out here when I said all of those things at home. I really meant them! I love you all and it's always so fun to hear about life back at home!

Daniel's mom: Here are some pictures I found of the Beru chapel, outside and inside. Also, you can see how the people all sit cross-legged. 

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