Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beru - Week 4

Alrighty! haha first off to answer your questions Dad:

Do you drink the last part of the drink with bugs in it every time?  The shot of protein? always there, turns out though that if you're in a setting where you can just toss it out then you can, I normally just drink it though. I honestly really don't care anymore...haha

Is the toilet in the house or outback; what kind of privacy do you have; does it ever get cleaned out?  Toilet is outback, and as far as I know it doesn't get cleaned, basically we just dump water down it after every use and then it all just goes away. And privacy is a little sticks and leaves wall that's falling apart around it. It's fine, all of my trips are pretty quick ;)

Regarding the shower, do you have running water, or do you pour a bucket of water over your head?  Shower is a bucket over the head and I'll refer to that later.

Do they BBQ the fish or what kind of ovens do they have?  Do you have propane stoves?  Do they BBQ it? haha I laughed so hard when you said they set it out in the sun and it dries out and then you eat it and every now and then they use a fire (this really cheap gas that you can get out here makes the food taste a lil funny). Normally they'll have this rice and water stuff in the meal 
that I'll eat it with (tastes like oatmeal to me, so good), goes perfectly together in my opinion.  At this point I have eaten almost everything that they'll feed you but not the bocaboca (the mud), eel, or turtle. They are all on my list to eat.  Did have shark though and lobster and these things called donuts that taste exactly like Mom's scones back home if they're made right haha.

By the way I've started wearing the baiis (the skirts) around my house and I like them wayy too much haha but I mean you can use them as a blanket when you sleep so it's just perfect. Although I do feel a little less like a man when I wear them. 

Alright my week:

Tuesday I woke up and guess what?  Diarrhea had gone. SO nice and I also had a bunch of revelation that really cheered me up and I had a great day and went to work.

Wednesday: we decided to only speak Kiribati on Wednesday outside of the house, I had always wanted to do that and Klatt was down. It was an exhausting day, but at the same time no joke we saw every single one of our investigators gain a desire and just had a day of spiritual lessons. I knew God was blessing us for our hard work.

Thursday: I woke up exhausted, and on top of that my whole face and swollen up. Why? The well water we shower with had infected all of my acne so it was pretty nasty. It was a pretty tough day to push through, but I just prayed all day and made it through.

Friday: I woke up even more tired and of course strep throat. But I didn't let myself think negatively and I had an amazing day. Tiiua (see why), one the less actives we've been teaching that I really like and we want him to be able to baptize his wife had an amazing experience where he and his wife talked through a fight for the first time and then he promised to us on the Bible that he was done smoking and doing nangkona (a sleep drug).

Saturday: I woke up at 5:30 in the morning barely able to swallow because of my strep throat, but I just prayed to God and remembered his promise that nothing would prevent me from working so I got up, took some ibprofein, took a shower, dumped hand sanitizer on all of my infected spots on my face (one was now the size of a dime right above my lip) and some anti biotic, and started my studies. I think I hit the lowest point of my mission so far, but I read 2 Nephi 4 and it really inspired me.  Later that day, an tuun aine (old lady) we've been teaching told us how she can't read because of her eyes but when she sat down that morning to read like we asked she could see perfectly. Then we gave her some glasses.

Sunday: we went to the 4 different units across the island and I got to give a lesson w/ Klatt at each of them and a talk as well haha.

Basically I learned this week that as hard as it may be, when you forget your problems and just work, there is nothing Satan can do to stop you. In fact, he only helps because the more trials he gives, the more blessings the Lord gives in return. I love it out here, the people are amazing, the language is coming, Elder Klatt works so hard and I am learning so much from him. Being a missionary is awesome and it so humbling.

Elder Pettingill

From Daniel's Mom:  I have to add something because this letter includes a special miracle for me.  I had a hard time with last week's letter from Daniel. After thinking about it, I realized my biggest worry was the diarrhea and the dangers of that. So I went to Heavenly Father in prayer last Sunday night and told Him that I would stop worrying about everything else and trust Him to take care of Daniel if we could just get rid of the diarrhea. In today's letter, Daniel tells us he woke up with the diarrhea gone on Tuesday morning, which is our Monday (he is 19 hours ahead of us). I know that prayers are answered and also that the heavens are watching over the missionaries.

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