Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Christmas Week 11

Well glad you all got pictures, I should be fine too until I get the new camera cause I'll just get all of Elder Stone's pictures for the past little while.

This past week was pretty awesome to be honest. We just saw blessing after blessing and just worked hard ending the week off with two baptisms, which was wayy spiritual. The kids names were Tiimi (Jimmy) and Iotaake (yo taah kay). They are deacon to teacher age and should get the priesthood next week and start helping pass the sacrament after that!

I told you all we went and caught an octopus last week right? We also found a sea urchin, some sea slugs/sponges, some armored crabs (don't know what they are actually called that's just what they look like), 3 star fishes that were spiky instead of soft (kind of like a sea urchin), black and green hermit crabs, an eel, some fish with spikes all over their fins (not pufferfish) and stuff.  It was pretty cool and was just all right in the like tide pool/koral area next to the beach.

Last night we had an ice cream eating challenge (yes they have ice cream here, just way expensive $25 for a gallon) and Stone and I were able to finish ours last night although we felt wayy sick. It was fun ;)

So those were the highlights. I love feeling the spirit all of the time and getting to work so hard and see so many rewards for it.

Love you all,

Elder Pettingill


Tell us about your birthday. How was the cake? What kind of ice cream? Did you celebrate with anyone else?   SO haven't eaten the cake yet, I think I'm going to save that one but I might get a different one at dinner tonight with members. Haven't opened the presents yet, that'll be tonight when we go back to Banana. Thank you soo much!

How has the weather been? Do you have trouble with lack of rain there like you did on Beru? Nope it's the rainy season right now, so there's plenty...although it's about to end so we'll see where this goes (two seasons in Kiribati rainy (jan-jun) and not (jul-dec)

What is the beautiful white church building that we saw on the SD cards? That's the chapel in Bikenibeu

What is that strange fruit called that you ate on Beru. The one that the girls were eating in the video on pday when it was raining? It's called the "tou". It grows everywhere. I wayy like it if you get the right kind or you boil it with coconut milk

What was the picture when you were by the Hindu temple in the skirt things over your shorts? That was when we were in Fiji with the Fiji elders, they made us wear skirts at the temple, we took a little tour

So does everyone wear those skirt things to baptize? What are they called? They are the same fiji suvas/lavalavas except they're white. I just borrowed Matiare's. Don't have one nowadays. They are called "bee" (Beh).

I love you too!

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