Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Christmas Week 14

Oh yeah so first off happy father's day to dad...now that that's out
of the way ;)

Haha just kidding, geesh no need to take things so seriously

Love you all and I'll see you all next week
Elder Pettingill

(This was in response to a joke Rich made in his email about Father's Day)

Ha okay now that you've all stopped laughing I can actually write my email now. How are you all?  Solid pictures from the past week from y'all. You really made me just miss home soo much with that last bored one you all took haha (Rich sent a picture of us when we were waiting around, locked out of Jacob's new apartment at BYU)

This past week for us was good. Lots of the typical bike problems and stuff and then we all saw Elder Openshaw off on his way back to Tarawa but it was a good week. It really made me appreciate soo much just going out and teaching lessons and getting to feel the spirit. Although Sunday made me want to change my mind a little bit cause we were assigned to give sacrament talks, and taught the sunday school class cause the teacher's lesson ran about 45 minutes too short and we were also asked to prepare the priesthood lesson last week so we gave that as well.  It brought me back to the Beru days of teaching everything for every unit every sunday...you know how it goes

On Saturday while Elder Stone was fixing a flat on his bike I went out and caught a bunch of crabs and tied them to the back of our bikes and then for the rest of the 15 minute bike ride down to the village we were playing real life mario kart trying to crush each others crabs. haha probably not the most missionary thing but it was a fun lil break.

I'm glad to hear you are all doing great we are out here giving it our best as well. It's been tiring lately but neither of us are the kind to quit so we keep working!

I love you all hope you all have a great week!
Elder Pettingill


Have you received the camera yet? no camera yet but hopefully soon

How did you feel when we hung up the Skype? Did it make you happy to talk to us or a little sad? (Some missionary moms say their children are sad after Skype. Just wondering.)  no I wasn't sad. It was fun but it was fine hanging up

Have you gotten a new Elder on the island yet?  new elder will be Elder Jonhson hopefully will come this Wednesday

Is there anything you need or can think of things I could send for the members? Out here they do pretty fine, the only thing I could think of would be like cheap dollar ties or something that we could hand out (aka ctr rings, temple pictures, 1st presidency) but I'm sure you can figure out better stuff than I can. Don't make it a priority though. I know it costs a lot of money to send stuff out here and you all don't need to be spending any more money on my mission than you already are....also another suggestion to future missionaries, pay for as much of your mission as possible. It is a lot more rewarding and motivating!


Look for crabs in the pictures below

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