Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nonouti Week 2 & 3 No new emails but travel plans

We have not received emails from Daniel for the past two weeks. Elder Larsen's mom told me that the internet doesn't work when it is raining. It's the rainy season, so I guess we better not expect many emails. However, we did receive his return travel itinerary this week! He will arrive home on the evening on May 12. We have his homecoming talk scheduled for Sunday, May 15 at 9 am at the Mormon Center (which is the building next to the Sacramento Temple.) Jacob is coming from Provo, and Katie and Tanner are coming from Idaho to be here when he gets off the plane and for his homecoming talk. Our whole family will be together!!! I can't wait!!! So I guess we can be patient with no emails for now. We get to see him soon! 

See the itinerary below. My favorite part is the second picture. When he travels from Fiji to LA, he arrives 8 hours before he left. Now he can add 'time traveler' to all his other amazing mission experiences! --Khristine

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