Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nonouti Week 1 (we are back to semi-regular emails! Hooray!)

This email is all responses to questions I asked him. I will put my question in italics and then his answer.

so I already replied to this email once but it was lost #outerislandemail

Did you figure out that Elder Larsen (new companion) knows Tanner Fonnesbeck yet? (Tanner is his sister Katie's new husband--they are from the same small Idaho town) Yeah we figured it out this last week when looking at the pics that you sent me

Are you okay with these classes for summer term at BYU? I'm down for Calculus and CS 142 (what is that exactly though?)

Do you think you are going to be big into the social when you get back (like sleeping over to get good seats for the football games, etc) or do you think you got that out your freshman semester? We'll see about the social part ;)

Are you going to get mail on Nonouti? I heard it takes longer. I am gathering the things for your package, but I am wondering if you will get it while you are out there or not until you come back into Tarawa? I
t's the same and thank you! That's way sweet. I still have two unused SD cards (that should be enough right?) but another flash drive would be nice cause those are way useful out here.  

You told us that you are coming home May 12. How accurate is that? You put it with question marks, so it left us wondering. Pretty accurate since I saw it on multiple papers and it was the scheduled date when filling out our itinerary forms but once y'all get the itinerary it will be 100 percent

What are the living conditions on Nonouti? House or hut? Bathroom or ocean/trees? Electricity? Tell
us about the island and what you think of it. What are the members like? Is there a branch? or just multiple units?
Island is great, it's so long and kinda harsh and IDK haha but it's great. Hut but bigger than in Maiana and bathroom if you count the hole in the ground ;)  Members are legit and there is not a branch yet.

How is it going with Elder Larsen? Elder Larsen is legit and him and I get along great. He really is
enjoying the change in companions since we're working hard and being really obedient and stuff.

Love you too! Thanks for the prayers! Praying for all of you as well!

Elder Pettingill


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