Monday, March 14, 2016

Nonouti Week 7

We got a series of short emails from Daniel late last night:

Hey internet is working a tiny little bit not sure how many minutes

we'll get if that but Love y'alll and I've gotten to read y'alls emails at least :)

These last couple weeks have been awesome. We had a couple baptisms and saw bunches of miracles...I've been sick again lately which kinda sucks but I'm feeling better now so hopefully it stays that way :)

Way fun to hear about everything that is going on

Everyone is soo oold nowadays huh?  Katie's married, Josh is graduating and going to college, and Beth will be in High school and just everything haha kinda hard to believe. Seeing pictures of you all is like seeing season 7 cover pictures of "Meet the Pettingills" and I still haven't seen seasons 5-6 crazy.

Elder Larsen is doing great and we are having a blast haha. Sometimes 
we get along a little too well and just talk fur dayz.  It's definitely way fun having an american comp again and I think it's getting me prepped a little for the real deal in a few months.

Sounds like church activities are still the same. I'm sure that father/son competition was way fun. Elder Larsen and I certainly had a good laugh about it ;)

Anywho it was way spiritual this past week when we baptized this deaf and mute girl named tienii (seny). She is so cool and has been coming to church faithfully since we got here and she washes the elders (our) clothes every week. We just drop them off with soap and bleach and she takes care of it which as you can all imagine is soo nice. Her baptism was a pretty sweet miracle for sure.


love you all! see yall next week!

Elder Pettingill

PS Dad try not to break my younger siblings while I'm gone aka nearly
smashing josh during that father/son race ;)

(Here is the story Rich shared with Daniel that he refers to in his email: The priests had a father/son team competition. The first event we had to race about 25 yards with one partner on our back, switch, and then race back.  Let's say we had a 1st place finish coming our way before I was too much for Josh, and he tripped and fell. It was a bit painful for both of us, and we finished 2nd by stretching out our hands to cross the finish line (Pulsipher's won). The 2nd event was wheel barrel race. Same thing: 25 yards, switch, and come back.  We did finish 1st in that event.)

Also, he answered a couple of my questions:

Did you receive your package yet? It arrived in Tarawa several weeks ago, so it should be coming soon.  Haven't gotten the package yet but I'm sure it'll come soon.

We discovered recently that there is Scouting in Kiribati. Have you seen any boys participating in scouts since you have been there? Yeah the only scouts I have ever seen are like typical youth activities in the church IDK if any people run it just by themselves but I'd assume not...

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