Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Surprise mid-week email

Love ya dad

So sweet to hear all that's happening! Something quite of a miracle
and internet is randomly working way well today when we came by and so
looks like we are on haha. Just kinda of way cool to see the tender
mercies of God all the time.

We just came from a lesson where we haven't been able to get a time with
this guy for a while. He's way cool and we taught him about church and
law of sabbath. He said he would come to church and the lesson went
way well...then we asked him to say the closing prayer and he did.
There was just this really warm feeling as he said the prayer and 

afterwards he had tears in his eyes. I told him we felt something and 
Elder Larsen agreed and then he told us he felt something too. 
I asked him what he thought it was? and he said that he thought it was
just so great that we could come and help him come up with the thought 
to go to church on Sunday. Then I asked if he really thought it was us 
that brought the feeling? He said no it must be the Holy Ghost!

The whole lesson was awesome and I was able to testify that THAT is
why we are here, to help him be baptized, cleansed and feel that all of
the time! We are seeing miracles here. It's so true that the Lord
blesses you when you push through the hard stuff and be obedient and
work hard especially when it is hot and you are feeling sick and


Elder Larsen's a bro. Way cool. Way stoked to be with him.  My email
that I had all written out last week wouldn't send so I wrote it as a
letter and sent it.

Elder Pettingill

A few email exchanges with Mom:

Why do you get to email at this time of night? 

uhm we were picking up our money and 
they told us internet is randomly working so we took the opportunity and checked 
and turns out it is!

Lucky for us! I'm sorry that you're sick!  

Hey sickness is just part of the job description right? It's rough but
you push through and get blessed so not too bad ;)

It has been really fun to work with Elder Larsen. He's a bro. And he's
really enjoyed the change that's farshore and I really have enjoyed
being here! We are definitely seeing miracles.

I'm stoked to go back to school. I love learning stuff so much more
nowadays haha, before not so much...


P.S. from Khristine--the day this email arrived, March 1, was Elder Larsen's mom's birthday. I know this was not a coincidence that the email was working. After not hearing anything from her son for a month, she got two emails in one week, one that came on her birthday. The Lord watches out for his children and sends them indications of His love. Tender mercies. 

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