Monday, April 25, 2016

Nonouti Week 13

Quick note while he knows the internet is working:

Oh hey so yeah internet is working again. Apparently I get to take a

charter plane into tarawa tomorrow and elder Powell will be coming out
here.  I am feeling way healthy nowadays. Like just like my old
self. I got a fever so I've been sweaty a ton nowdays but other than I
am great!

Love you guys!

Longer email:

These past few weeks with Kennedy have been fun. can't remember what

I've told yall but I've gotten healthy then sick again and now healthy
again. A baptism which was awesome, although things escalted when a
missionary from another church showed up...whaat?  We planted a garden
by our houose of papaya so we'll see what becomes of that.. got a cat.
hey we could either have pet rats or one pet cat. you choose which ;)
And had a blast trying to get my homemade machete done in time but
we'll see if it makes it haha

Love the people here actually way sad to leave them even though I've

only been here for three months. They have been so nice to me and we've
had a ton of fun! They've been my family while being away and now like
I'm leaving them ALL for realz. Gosh...although innout is calling my
name and I want to see all of you too ;-)

so you know how it goes

ps I'm on the lookout for any Kiribati women over 6'5" 220 pounds who

is willing to carry me off the plane for pictures sake, if I'm
successful everyone's dreams of my mission will come true :)

Oh you know I'm down for a night of what you americans call "camping"

(in reference to fathers and sons campout)

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