Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm back!

so totally forgot who all wanted my emails but I trust mom will take care of whoever I miss right? ;)

Anywho where I am right now:
Tarawa (main island) Bikenibeu 1st (which we just reopened) with Elder Bettencourt (who just came back from Kiritimati)

So yeah the last week has been pretty packed.  I mean we were like all over the place not to mention trying to figure out Tarawa and reopen this place.

Basically this last week went like this...

Monday: we skyped and pday and first restaurant in however long

Tuesday: Matiare and I came here and cleaned out our house that the elders from however long before forgot to clean our house (which is like a legitish house by the way)

Wednesday: Matiare went to be district leader in Bairiki and I became comps with Elder Bettencourt  and I also split with a kiribati elder who knew our area

Thursday: We got some stuff taken care of (going to the bank etc) and then had our first real day working in the area. Also we bought little one dollar ice cream that was my first ice cream in over 5 months

Friday: Took care of some of Elder Bettencourt's stuff and then went down and worked again as much as we could.  Found 8 kids (10-14 yearls old) who were playing on a backstreet, asked them if they wanted lessons and then took them all to the local chapel for a great lesson on prayer (since they all previously did catholic prayers aka memorized)

Saturday:  Another solid day of workish, got called over by what we thought was a member but turned out to be a previous catholic missionary who wanted to get to know us cause we're white, haha tried to teach him

Sunday: church (we gave a lot of lessons) and then Bettencourt interviewed with pres and is now on his way back to Kiritimati today which is wayy awesome because he was having a really hard time and didn't know if he wanted to stay in the mission but now is back on his way and happy.  Love the guy, need a new comp now though ;)

ps forgot to bring my other sd card so there will be more pictures next week but these are all from like right before I left as you can see with the hair. The one with the family is a family we were really close to that lived in the village Eriko (Jericho like from the bible). Then the husband of a lady I baptized he was a less active back in the day now he's great (the one holding me)   

Climbing the coconut trees
Before haircut

Foot infection

Did you get your haircut? yes I did...I had to after you put the skype pictures on facebook which president ratted out by my mom on the mish haha!

Why are you emailing so early? (He emailed at 1 pm on Sunday when it's normally in the evening) yeah so here in Tarawa we do email real early I guess

Are you going to Christmas Island? I don't even know if I will be going to Kiritimati now because Elder Bettencourt is retaking my spot up we'll see later today what I will be doing!

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