Tuesday, January 27, 2015

An email from the mission nurse

Hello Sister Pettingill,

I am so glad to be able to ease your worrying a little.  I have seen Elder P everyday for almost 4 weeks.  His foot looked horrible in the beginning.  It was swollen, red above the ankle, with cuts, scrapes and of course the infamous hole.  I immediately put him on abx.  We have been packing the wound daily so it will heal from the inside out, pulling the infection out each dressing change.  It is finally responding, almost all filled in.  He just finished his second dose of abx, so now we will be watching to make sure the infection doesn't flare up again.  

You will be happy to know that through all of this, he has not complained or missed a day of work.  He clomps around with his foot half in his croc because of the swelling (gone now) and  the dressing.  He is a fun great kid. 

About him not emailing you this week, there is a volunteer dental group here that has been seeing all the missionaries.  They saw the missionaries on Monday.  By the time they got to the email place and the girls took long because of the slow internet, they just wanted to go enjoy some of the time that was left.  When I saw him Tuesday, he was at his desk writing you a letter. 

I have included a couple of pictures.  Hair after hair cut and dressing his foot.

Have a great day.   

Sister Alldredge

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