Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tarawa: Week 2

Hey guys kam na mauri!

way glad to hear you're all doing swell and all of that.

Uhm me:
Bettencourt (my old comp) just left to go back to Kiritimati taking my spot today and so I'm currently comps with an Elder Tareka from Kiritimati who is waiting for his MTC time (about 4 more weeks) to head off to the Phillipines!  So I'm training basically and we're having a blast.

We just had stake conference and they reorganized the stake (haha yes they do that all around the world) and that Sister Nateri's brother* got called to be stake president from our ward...and no he's not that old, he's like mid 30s, so yeah Tarawa east stake.

My foot is way better. The yellow/red puss that's been coming out if it nonstop has been replaced with just blood and not that much so I'm feeling good. Just a little bit longer and the hole probably won't even be that big...

Civilization is weird...kinda sucks but has its benefits I guess.  What's been way weird and actually really fun is associating with missionaries other than my comp for the first time ever, like district meetings? whaat?  Haha but it's good I'm getting used to it, although the whole senior comp and trainer thing added to it all is making it a very fun experience. :)

Don't know what else to say and this actually using English thing kinda sucks. Like just speak Kiribati ;)  haha I love you all !  Here are a few more pics(don't want to send them all at once ya know;)  actually the sds having some problems I think the thing I was using has some problems...sorry!

Haha Love
Elder Pettingill

*Sister Nateri is a sister missionary serving in the California Roseville Mission and met a family from my hometown. Sister Nateri emailed me to ask if would have Daniel visit her less active mother who lives in Tarawa. She also asked him to visit her brother in the Bikenibeu 1st Ward. When we heard Daniel was transferred and opened that ward, we were excited to hear if he had met Sister Nateri's brother.  Here is is response:

So uhm first of all you should probably tell that sister that her brother just got called to be stake president yesterday and yeah I've had dinner with their family a couple times now so yeah I know him....and there is a lady who I thought was his mom that is living with them, pretty sure she is.   Anyways I will try and figure out things and if it's not, see if someone can visit the mom.  I think there are sisters there so if that's the case I will give the name and tell them to visit her. Also tell Sister Nateri good luck! I know learning English is really hard but she is way good so nothing for her to worry about!

That is so awesome to hear from her, I respect missionaries from here so much and her brother President Maunga is way awesome! Also the fact that she's serving in Aunt Jeanette's stake is dope!  Tell her to take good care of that sister cause they are taking great care of me!!
Thanks :) love ya

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