Sunday, May 24, 2015

Christmas Week 10


so past week was long. Probably cause it was filled with so much. definitely a solid week.  Yesterday we watched conference as a branch in kiribati and last monday I watched the priesthood session while
Stone skyped his family, the ensign also showed up this week so conference finally feels real to me.

Other than that this last week really showed us how so many weeks of hard work but not much reward can all of a sudden just all, i dont know, in kiribati I'd say it has "yielded its fruit". If that sounds weird blame the language.  Anywho it was really good.  It really came together for the district conference. I think we had over 120 people show up from Banana if not more.Also, t
he Mom in that family I told you about is doing really well and the dad is coming along but we had to drop the daughter and hope maybe it'll happen later for her.

Anyways it was a great week and the mail plane came in which meant letters and my birthday package! Whaat?  We're planning on going down Sunday night and getting some ice cream and finding someone with an
oven to make the cake that you all sent and have dinner with a member family for the big day. Should be good.  21 is a huge bday here so if it was Jacob or Katie out here they would probably have something huge
thrown for them haha.  By the way happy birthday to Jacob and Katie And Mom this past week. I'm planning on sending Bday letters to all the bdays so far. We'll see if that happens but

I love you all and I'm doing great out here and hope everythings going great back home!


Elder Pettingill

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