Sunday, May 17, 2015

Christmas Week 9

Hey guys,

So solid week.  Uhm I feel like I already sent my weekly email by answering all of mom's questions so I'm kinda burnt out now so just tell her to forward that ;)

Looks like hold the skype off till June.  Love yall

Elder Pettingill


Did you see any miracles this week? Yeah we actually did. I restarted writing down a miracle a day and so far I've had plenty. This family that we've been teaching who have seen so many problems finally had the mom quit smoking and the dad is close and the dad came to church for the first time on SundayTheir names are Maina (like maine ah) that's the wife and Uriam (oo dee uhm) and the daughter teboima (te boy may)  If you all could pray for them that'd be awesome.

How did you recover from the disappointment of not being able to skype last week? actually we just work hard so it was good.

Have you been to the stick hut where the other Elders live? Yeah I have. 

Do you wish you lived there or are you glad you are in the hotel? No it has animals and mosquitoes going in all the time, so do we but at least we have mosquito screens that kinda help

Have you ever had to drive on your mission? Not yet

How big is Banana? not that big like a 15 minute bike ride or less from one side to the other and then are some other random wilderness villages too called Bambu. Takes like 20ish minutes to bike from the hotel to banana

Did you finish the church "building" you talked about last week?no that'll take awhile

Is there more fruit available on Kiritimati? yeah lots of papayas

You talked about some rough patches last week. What does that mean and why especially you?  it's good. we're just hitting walls is all. nothing we cant handle though ;)

Would you like a copy of the Conference Ensign? we have conference on a flash now we just need to find a time and a place to watch it and next Sunday we are all watching it in Kiribati but I would still greatly appreciate that!

Do you want to wait and skype on June 14 when Jacob will be home and Katie will be here for the homecoming? Can you clear that with President Weir? hmm well we were planning on skyping today but actually that sounds wayy awesome and we could totally do that.  I'm in and it shouldn't be a problem with president or anything like that

love you

Stick house where the other Elders live

Captain Cook Hotel where Elder Pettingill and Elder Stone live

a living compound in Banana

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