Sunday, May 3, 2015

Christmas Week 7

Heey.  Still Here

How are you all?  Sound pretty good from the emails. Yeah it should be fun for skypes next week.  There is a member in Tabwakea (one of the villages) with pretty good internet we might go sleep down there and use internet on Monday but I don't know if we'll be able to get it that early i will try.  Also we could try our hotels
internet on our phone and see how that works... should be fine if there's a problem we'll let you all know!

It was a pretty awesome week. Hard. but good. Got a little sick on Thursday-Sunday but definitely saw the blessings as we worked through it and stuff just came through for our investigators.

Kiritimati is great. no need to worry about me. I'll see you all next week!


Elder Pettingill

To Mom:  

Haha I don't know why you all think that (I told him everyone is so impressed with how well he handles this mission)...honestly Kiribati just feels like home nowadays (or rather a second one ;) I love it here. The people are great!

Favorite lesson was with one of our investigators who has been struggling with smoking and whether or not she wants to get married to her husband because she thinks he'll just go less active after baptism
and hold her back from the temple. After seeing about every trial possible we showed up and taught her
and had an awesome lesson about aki-mamatam (fasting) and how it can answer all her questions because it is so powerful.  Spirit was way strong and she tried it on Sunday and seemed to be to doing a lot better

I'll work on the skype thing. Let you know if there are any problems!

Got a couple letters from awhile ago last week.

Elder Pettingill

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