Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Christmas Week 18

What's up guys? I was way shocked for a second when reading my emails from y'all to see they were quite lengthy...haha guess I get that now that I'm the only full time missionary in the family ;)

So yeah this past week was the Kiribati independence week holiday.. They gained their independence on July 12 (don't know the year) so naturally they take off the entire week to celebrate it. Despite it all we found ways to stay in our area and work, and it ended up to be a really great week for us. And  we got a few new investigators who are all really wanting the blessings from taking lessons

Why am I emailing so late again? Well we ended up doing a district fishing trip for the day and just got back.  I caught a a fair sized sweetlips fish, a red snapper, a red bass and a couple of a fish I don't remember the name of in English and last but not least a black tipped fin reef shark (although it snapped my 60 pound line trying to get it on the beach so it got away)...everyone else caught a variety too including another bigger shark and a fair sized trevalley. It was fun.
black tipped reef shark
red bass
red snapper
Oh and by the way Elder Stone will be transferring around July 30th so I guess our reign of terror will end about 20 weeks;). (Rich commented how they had been in the same companionship and same village for 18 weeks, which is impressive.) I'll be staying and elder Whitehead will be my companion ...oh and Elder Openshaw will be going AP.

Hey I love you all! Thanks for being awesome and I'm glad you are all having a great summer!

Elder Pettingill

I asked him if he preferred longer emails because I thought he liked short ones from me since I also mail a letter every week. Haha I just noticed the difference is all :) Oh yeah about letters, Fiji has an embargo on mail to Christmas right now ...something about not paying their bills so that's why nothing (including the camera) has come lately.

I'm sure he would love an email from anyone who is reading this! daniel.pettingill@myldsmail.net

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