Monday, July 27, 2015

Christmas Week 19

Hey guys.

Haha sounds like y'all had a fun week.  Just saying that puppy (we got a new puppy) looks
huge already so either it's already pretty old or all of the dogs here are just tiny (probably the latter, that's what you get when you only get fed bin (coconut)).

Sorry I've been bad about answering questions lately. 

So this was Elder Stone's last week, and then he transfers? Uhm yes Elder Stone is leaving on Wednesday to head out to another outer island called Makin (known for having evils spirits...he's stoked ;) 

What size fishing line did you have to even have a chance at pulling in a shark? I use a 60 pound line for my shark and it got cut by it's teeth, Elder Buhler who pulled his in used a 180 pound line so he had no trouble ;) 

What did you guys do with all the fish?  I'm guessing the sweetlips fish is poisonous, so do you throw it back? No dad the sweetlips (rou) is not poisonous. It actually tastes way good. My favorite is the red snapper (ikanibong "nightfish") though. 

Do you eat the shark?  Shark steaks?We didn't eat that elder's shark but Elder Stone had set a line/shark trap out that we caught an even bigger shark on when we came back on Tuesday night and we ate that one...yes shark steaks. way good.  

How's the work going in Banana? Are you seeing sacrament meeting attendance still continuing to grow or has it stayed steady at about 120? The work is progressing, I'm way excited for Elder Whitehead to come and bring some new energy to help us pull things up even better though! and yeah church has pretty much stayed the same as of lately.

This past week for us was good. Someone put a thorn magnet on Elder Stone's bike so he ended up with like 6-7 flat tires by the end of the week, while I had none on the other hand. Guess I just get more love and blessings than everyone else does...(except for every single week before that when it was always my tire going flat and not his ;)

Haha but on a serious note if you all could pray for Kakiaman (Ka kee amen) (he way wants to join the church just needs to get married first but when he told his wife he wanted to marry her she told him no and if he gets baptized then she'll leave him) and Karubeia (ka du pay yah) (way sweet girl, no problems except for whether or not she's 9 or 8 and should even be taking lessons [mom's less-active]) and Tubwaina (Su buy nah) (scared her mom will tell her she can't get baptized and
she will have to drop her calling in the local Christian church) and Aana (Anna but pronounced Aaw na) (She's afraid her husband because he's a drunk and is mad because she left him and also her daughter wants her to come back but doesn't understand that she can't because her husband is crazy, also is having a hard time praying since she's been raised in the Catholic church).

Those are a few of our investigators and I think you can all see now how much persecution Banana is getting nowadays and how a few extra prayers would really help!

I love you all and hope you all keep looking great!

Elder Pettingill

P.S. How tall is everyone nowadays anyways? Oh and also I got the camera and two letters this past week!  Way awesome!

P.P.S. Elder Stone and I are going to be companions for 23 weeks this Wednesday.  He became my comp on Feb 18...haha I told Elder Stone last week and he was all like "I feel like we've been companions for way longer than that" and then we checked the calendar to be sure and yup
23 weeks. Dang. And We've been in Christmas since March 11 so 20 weeks. Time flies huh?

I love you!

Below are some pictures from other Elders on the island. 
Daniel's new companion, Elder Whitehead, who has been serving on the other side of Christmas island
Church meeting place on the other side of Christmas Island
Elder Buhler and the shark he caught

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