Monday, July 13, 2015

Christmas Week 17

This came in Sunday at 10 am:

Hey mom,

soo last week the internet was down...I think the rest of the missionaries got to email but we didn't so sorry about the no email last week, I did send a letter though...oh and today Elder Seamons is driving us up to a spot to go fishing all day So no email until later probably

Love, Elder Pettingill

Then we got this Monday at 1:30 am: 

Hey guys sorry for the late email...we went up to the end of the island to go fishing since it was something Elder Stone wanted to do before leaving and we'd heard rumors that this might be his last Pday. Turns out it won't be but it was still way fun.

This last week was great. We just buckled down and worked even though everyone seemed to be gone in preparation for this whole one week long independence celebration thing going on this next week...we're planning on working this whole next week too but we'll see how much work we can actually get stoked (that's sarcastic;)

 Uhm spiritual exp...we were able to find 3 new investigators this past week, one of whom had needed help with his English for a job interview/résumé so we helped him out. That was a month ago and, even though he didn't get the job, he decided that he wanted to start up lessons again and be baptized because of the experience. It took us by surprise for sure but we didn't have any problems with it haha. Sorry it's short but I love you all and it'll be better next week.

 Love, Elder Pettingill

Here are some pictures and also one more video from the SD card

Bike problems
church meeting place

I think the pictures below are evidence of the rats getting into their food. Yuck!

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