Sunday, August 16, 2015

Christmas Week 22

Oh hey guys. School Started huh? Dang.

Pretty chill last week. got home exhausted every night this past week
with so much going on.  We had a couple pretty cool miracles this past
week that not only turned out with new people for us to teach who just
seem way ready to accept the gospel but we were able to find some new
less actives who showed to church as well.

We have three families who went off to Tonga to attend the temple this
past week and they should be getting back this Wednesday I think. I
hope that all went way well for them. I wish I could've gone too so
bad...oh well later

a couple cool lessons we got reminded of this past week were BYU
devotionals we downloaded onto our phone. One is 2011 by Brad Wilcox
on how "his grace is sufficient" and another by Todd Parker on "true
doctrine, understanding change on behavior".  You all should
definitely listen to them.

We got some yogurts in the local store imported from Hawaii. Froze
them and have been eating them every night this past week. Soo good.

We met an independent Baptist minister at the hotel today who just
seemed like he wanted to argue and prove us wrong or something. We
just smiled and nodded since we didn't have a problem with any of the
things he believed. He's just missing more truths that we have really,
I'd have to say. He ended up giving up and just making fun of how I do
every thing with my eyebrows instead of pointing or nodding. haha I
guess you all will have to bear with that when I get back.

Love you all have a great week,
Elder Pettingill

Hey Mom!

That package sounds great! Maybe put some aa and aaa batteries in
there but don't feel in any rush to send me a package cause I'm doing
great;) I sleep great so I should be fine w/o a fan but thank you!

funny that you said Jacob is more like me because I feel like my
mission has made me more laid back if anything ...haha Idk you all can
be the judges of that when I get home in like a year.

Yes it's likely that I will transfer in September and that I will get
to go visit a nearby island called Fanning for a week or so end of
august/beginning of septemberish.. idk we'll see!

crazy marriages...

I love you!
Elder Pettingill

Below are the text links to talks he referenced above, in case you want to read rather than listen to them. (The links attached to the text above are for the youtube version of the talk.)

 His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox

True Doctrine, Understood, Changes Attitudes and Behavior by Todd Parker

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