Monday, August 3, 2015

Christmas Week 20

Haha sounds like a busy week...yeah Elder Stone left on Wednesday and I've been working with Elder Whitehead ever since!  It's actually been pretty fun to have a change and we are working pretty well together. Like 0 problems so that's good.   Plus we've had a good amount of success this past week which has been sweet.

This next week is our branch conference so today we are planning and going and doing the activities that they have planned out (public holiday today) and then having a branch FHE tonight.

One spiritual experience we had was even though tracting is not very effective we decided to try it and ended up finding a long time less active lady who was just waiting for us to come and teach her family/husband so that they could go to the temple and stuff. Well at the time that we were talking to her, her husband walks in, we end up talking with him and then teaching him and all of a sudden we were in a way spiritual lesson where it was definitely the spirit leading the whole thing. Like the spirit was there and everyone knew it. We ended up giving him a ABM (BofM) a challenge to read and pray about it and a baptismal date for the 29th if he gets a testimony. It was way cool.

Sorry don't really remember what else I said in the first email sorry (his first email never made it to us)...I bought some cloth for $19 for this lady to make you a Kiribati church out fit though. The only problem now is that I kinda used the rest of my personal money to pay for it. Worth it as long as it fits ;) I showed the lady my pictures of you and she seems like she knows what she's doing so it should be fine. but like in my Christmas package or something if you all could throw in a little bit of money that would be awesome!

I love you
Elder Pettingill

I am guessing the church outfit he is having made  means a mu-mu type dress like these sisters are wearing in the pictures below

or the skirt type thing some of these sisters are wearing

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