Monday, August 10, 2015

Christmas Week 21 haha

The first email we received this week was a repeat of last week's email. I emailed back, asking why he was sending the same email twice. Then we received this second email, below:

So I guess last week's email finally sent today...I was thinking about just letting it go and calling it a week but I probably would be the only one that thought it was funny so I'm not...

Solid past week. Elder Whitehead and I are really working hard together. And we get along great too. You all mentioned that I don't get any zone conferences/meetings w/the president/exchanges, which is funny because I honestly don't even really know what that'd be like, although I did kind of get it in Tarawa for a bit but yeah can't miss what you can't remember ;)

Well I hit 5 months working Banana tomorrow. That's crazy. doesn't feel like I've been here that long, honestly it has just been flying by. We had branch conference this past week and a bunch of fun activities that we didn't get to go to cause we were doing missionary work but it was all good cause on Sunday we had 154 people show up to church and the district presidency announced that they are thinking of splitting Banana into two branches come next year. It was a pretty awesome meeting and although it ran late and we were tired, I got a lot from it. Ha one of our investigators was sincerely disappointed when we told him that they normally only last 3 hours and not the 4+ that this last one was...Kiribati time is really something haha.

This past week we have been teaching one family in particular who we have really been depending on the spirit to do the teaching.  The husband is very strong in the kuc religion and when teaching on the Book of Mormon I decided to show him the references between the Bible and the Book of Mormon...despite past success my attempt to convince, even though well put together, were questioned and not accepted. However when we have born testimony and taught how the spirit wants, there is a peace in the room that no one can deny.

Quick question to mom and dad: could y'all put a new watch in my next package. My old one died and kinda just refused to work even with a new battery. I put together a little make shift watch but a new one would be much appreciated but is not urgent along with new multivitamins ;)

Uhm I seriously love you all a ton and I'm glad you're all having such good times cause I am too!


Elder Pettingill

Daniel has not sent us any new pictures, but we did see these pictures from Elder McCormick, his district leader who is working on the other side of the island. It gives a good idea of what things are like there for all the missionaries.

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