Sunday, September 13, 2015

Christmas Week 26 I'm back!

Hey everyone I am back!

Hahah so y'all heard about transfers huh? Well I found out on Wednesday
when I got back from Fanning that we were supposed to be leaving THAT
day and would've been coming into Tarawa with the new intake...let's
just say that didn't work out so we are scheduled to leave this
Wednesday. I will be heading out to Maiana and work with elder Neuer?
Replacing Elder Beacham. I'm pretty stoked.  Not sure how the internet
is nowadays out there but if there isn't anything I'll send letters
everyweek so no worries ;)

Fanning: easily the greenest island I have seen here in Kiribati. It
took us about 26 hours to get there with good weather but no wind.
Elder Buhler and I were both fine the whole way there although we got
a little queasy every now and then and I was having a bad case of the
bekanakos (you all can guess what that means ;)   We got guided into
the wharf by dolphins so that just about blew our minds. I'll back
up pics and videos on my flash and send home a couple, my full SD and 1
half full one so you can all see.  There were bananas all over the
island with papaya and all kinds of good stuff. We ate well, Kiribati

We worked way hard out there but we were both new to the island so a
lot of finding and turns out there is tons of work and the place is
ready for elders. I think we had something like 29 new investigators
in the 7 days we worked there; all families.  It was crazy.

The ride back was rougher seas with dried coconut smell (getting sent
back to make oil) on the ship that was pretty horrible. We made good
time though (27 hours?) And I won a bet with the senior couple that
got me an AW rootbeer when we got back. I didn't get seasick but I can't
say the same for the rest of the crew.

Saying bye to Banana this past week. Doing as much work as we can and
getting reay to go haha

Love y'all
Elder Pettingill

PS Maryclaire* is one of mine and Stone's recent converts and is way
awesome! I'm glad that she made it on your friend list cause we had
lunch with her and her family and then took pics and were feeling bad
cause I didn't email and then wouldn't be able to so...voila? Bam.
I'm going to give her a ton more pics of us and her/diff stuff so
maybe she'll send more!

Love you!

*Maryclaire is the woman who added me as a friend on Facebook  a few weeks ago and then shared pictures of Daniel and Elder Whitehead eating lunch with her. 

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