Sunday, September 20, 2015

Waiting in Fiji

Haha that's a way legit way to ask a girl out by Josh!  I heard from an elder here in Fiji the same thing about his running times so props to him for being a stud. (Josh's coach told him he could get a running scholarship). Adam's still doing flips huh? That kid, animal.  Good to know Beth's on her way to being the next volleyball star so that's cool.  And Jeffrey? of course he's dominating. I'm excited to see how good he gets.  Anna is 8? Like what?  so stoked that's she getting baptized that'll be awesome.

So this past week?  Yeah we made it out of Christmas, barely...enough to see president and sister weir get off the plane as we waited to get on. So I got a wave in to them before we took off for Fiji. We stayed in a hotel Wednesday night. A hot shower. I about died I stayed in there so long. like wow. But anywho then my work permit was kinda expired and this whole situation about how we couldn't go to Tarawa to renew it but we couldn't renew it anywhere else but in Tarawa so we ended up missing our flight....but it was cool cause the airport elders came and turns out their zone conference was starting so we went and got my 2nd zone conference but in a different mission.

It was legit, had ice cream and everything. Next flight was supposed to be today but it got delayed because of weather in Tarawa so we're going to pday w/Fiji elders and then stay in a hotel tonight and wait to see when we can leave haha...

We got some time out here in the hills/farmland of Fiji. Way cool too because one of the elders we've been staying with is elder Moore (same intake as me aka same zone in the MTC) and so I've been spliting with him all week. Way cool. Also saw Elders Malalu and Delfin from my MTC group and some elders from the last time we came through.

It's been a crazy week obviously and we've been so tired but looks like we're going to have to just stay in the hotel after this until we can get a flight in to Tarawa...

Love you all stay sweet
Elder Pettingill

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