Monday, September 28, 2015

Maiana Week 1

Yeah I'm in Maiana but it has good email. at least this week it does , sorry I kinda spent all my time writing letters so I guess you'll all have to take those instead of a long email this week?

Maiana is awesome. Elder Nauer is from Samoa and I love him. Way cool to Elder Beacham (his trainer). He's doing great.  Church was crazy on Sunday but we got through. We did it in 7 different villages...

Love you all glad to know you're all doing great!

Elder Pettingill


How was Tarawa? Did you get to see President Weir? Tarawa was sweet. We had a zone conf before I left and I got an interview with him.

Did you get your package yet? Did you get some letters? no package yet. Tons of letters!

How long did it take for a plane to get you to Tarawa from Fiji? 1 week to get to tarawa.

Did you just hang out in the hotel the whole time? What did you do while you were there? We worked with Fiji elders .

I investigated and found this picture of Elder Nauer (pronounced now-er),on the right, and his MTC companion. He was in the MTC in April and May, and then arrived in Kiribati in May. Elder Beacham, his trainer, was in the MTC with Daniel.

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  1. What a terrific missionary!!! I am so proud of him and his amazing family!