Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tarawa Week 4

Yeah so sorry again about last week. I was literally talking with the nurse when she sent that email to you all...She doesn't even have to visit me every morning now cause my foot is solid nowadays so nothing to worry about!

How's Tarawa huh?  It's actually turning out to be pretty dope, well at least for now anyways but there should be transfers mid-April so we'll see if we get to be in Tarawa for Conference but looks like I'll be here for awhile huh. Uhm for companionship news my kid Elder Tareka will be heading out to the Provo MTC finally on Feb 12 (so next week) and then I will be getting Elder Stone to come work here in Bikenibeu with me, which I'm stoked for cause I haven't had a white comp for soo long! We'll probably go ham on lessons out here! Elder Stone came right after me!

There are two stakes but they are currently working on a soon to be third stake which will make only one more before Kiribati gets a temple. (fun fact:there are over 18,000 members in Kiribati although only over 10,000 of them are active ) I ate the giant clam (newe, pronounced neve) the other night. I don't think it was cooked right (if at all) because it was the first food I didn't like from here. Yes there are restaurants here and a member owns one of them so you bet we had dinner there last night for fast Sunday!  Uhm we saw a sleeping drunk guy who was naked and just covered in sand the other day. Went to take a picture and he definitely woke up and looked right at me so I didn't quite get that one so I guess you'll all just have to picture that one in your minds ;) hahaha 

Other than that Tarawa is definitely like a different mission but that doesn't mean it's like any other mission haha. We get new investigators everyday and it seems like we are wayy busy everyday and it is a way nice from hardened old Beru.  We actually will have probably 4 baptisms this Saturday before Tareka leaves so that's cool right?  One of our investigators has had lessons with over 10 different missionaries in her life but has never been interested but then the other day she came down with dengue fever. We came to give her a blessing and told her that if her husband cleaned up his life (didn't know he had any problems at the time) she would be fully healed and would have no problems. Two days later we came back to see how she was doing.  Was feeling much better (could actually walk), husband decided to be rebaptized (turns out he was excommunicated) and she decided to get baptized this Thursday when we gave the invitation.  There's a bunch more to the story but I'm just sharing this much so that you all know God is real and blesses people for their faith, especially when it is hard for them. Yes, I believe this is the true church, and if all things aren't good enough for proof, then ask "and he will reveal the truth of all things unto you."

Love you all a lot,

Elder Pettingill

sorry haven't taken much pics in Tarawa so more from Beru! 

that's us having dinner with that one sisters family and her mom showed up too!

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  1. I always appreciate your translations on the letters from Jacob and Katie. I'm afraid that I need them on Daniel's also. I have no idea what "go ham on lessons" means.