Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tarawa Week 5

Oh hey guys,

So these are my Tarawa Baptisms so far

doing way good out here mom don't worry about me and honestly you could probably wait on sending another package...really until I get back home cause I just got one from you and one from the Maughans. Tell them a huge thank you from me and also to all those who have been sending Christmas cards! I'm going to buy tape today so I'll do a little Christmas card wall like back at home ;) cause I don't know how how I'll ever be able to finish that much food (although Tareka has been pounding down those dried mangos).

Met this guy the other day that says he talks to Satan every month and he gives him stuff he wants in return for him reciting a spell from this book he has.

hey I'll try and send you all another legit email next week cause I'm running out of time here (one hour goes by so quick ;) the other elders are threatning to leave me.

ps only one of the three ways actually worked for the cinnamon rolls the other two were moldy, I think it was the dry sealed one or whatever

Love you all a lot. Doing swell


Love as well
Elder Pettingill

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