Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tarawa Week 7

I'm with Elder Stone.

We're going to Christmas March 9th.

Before church on Sunday we decided to leave early and try and teach people before church at 12.   We ended up getting one kid that almost got baptized before and then didn't want anymore lessons so we hadn't taught him for awhile.

We taught him.  We all felt the spirit.  He asked if we would wait for him to get ready so he could go to church.   He got laughed at as we were leaving.  He didn't care.  Church was awesome.

When we put in work with a smile and obedience, the Lord blesses us, and He blesses others through us.

I love my mission. I love Kiribati. I love my companion. I love all of you.

Elder Pettingill

BTW please tell me you haven't sent the package since.  I won't be here for awhile.  OOh if you could put shaving razor heads (extra razors) in it that would be awesome. and hot tamales like the candy and then just hold it or something cause I will be out Kiritimati probably for dayys.  Oh and a new little picture book would be amazing because I gave mine to Tareka before he left :)  also I got the letters with pictures. So awesome thank you!!


How is life with Elder Stone? Do you speak English together? Elder Stone is an animal.  We're going to Kiritimati together March 9 :) Ya we speak english. He's wayy good at speaking Kiribati to, and teaching and being a white person and we're putting in work ;)

Are you being transferred to Christmas Island?  Yes, I'll be working in a Banana.

How is your foot? Foot is 100 percent with just a scar leftover :)

How was zone training? Do they hold it in English or Kiribati? Who does the training? Is it with all the missionaries on Tarawa? Do you have a meal together as well? Zone training was legit. Held in English. We watched "Meet the Mormons!" for training as well as President gave us a lesson. It was with all on Tarawa yes.  We ate sloppy joes and fruit salad and cake and candy.

My weather app says it's been super rainy and lightning there. Is that true? It is not. It was the highest tide in Kiribati history this past week.  Our area wasn't really touched, but some places got a little wet ;) It's going back down now.  If it rains then it rains.  Only once in Beru was there lightning.

What do you use for the Sacrament? In Beru we used crackers.  Here for the most part bread, sometimes crackers.

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