Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finally on Kiritimati

Hey y'all so yeah I didn't email last week cause they were doing construction and some guy decided to hit something that not only gave a nice lil smoke display but it took out our power aka no internet.

Also didn't email on Monday cause I was in Fiji like whaat? And now I'm in Christmas with Stone guess they needed us earlier cause they told us last week on Wednesday that we were going soon. That was fun.

Just sending a quick little email that I'm all good (welcome mom;) and that hopefully I'll have some pictures for you all next week.  (PS we're staying in a hotel...a Kiribati hotel but its still a hotel and we all have smart phones...not really sure this is the same mission but I'm going with it for now.)

Kiritimati is wayy cool and a very attractive place. I'm excited to work here.

BTW we were in Fiji like 3 1/2 days and we had McDonald's and a mcflurrie while we were there.  Sooo good.  Its got nothing on fish rice and coconut though, that's my stuff!

Hey love you all but we're going to go put in work now so I'll see you guys on Monday!  PPS bigger time difference now, first place to see the new day each day. 

Elda Pettingill 

(Kiritimati is the world's farthest forward time zone. It is UTC+12 which makes it a 21 hour time difference right now. So we just subtract 3 from PST and add a day.)

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