Sunday, March 29, 2015

Christmas Week 2

So before I start should probably say that I'm emailing you all on our smart phone which is a first for me...and I'm also sitting cross legged with the ocean in the background ...haha good luck trying to get me home ;)

Something funny that I started doing this last week that I think is worth mentioning comes from the fact that almost all Kiribati parents tell their kids the imatang (white people) will shoot them if they don't I found that small nerf gun y'all gave me for Christmas and have been telling the kids it's true while preparing my gun to fire inside my bag...its a triple shooter so I have 3 shots...I count to three, everyone laughs, and then I pull the gun out and shoot the kid and the parent and some other unlucky person who happens to be around !  Hahaha the look on their faces as, in their minds, their elda just shot their whole family...and they realize they aren't dead and everyone's laughing and then they start laughing and ask me to go shoot all their friends as well!  Stone shakes his head but I think its wayy funny every now and then ...

Spiritual stuff has been happening too ...looks like elder tareka's brother (my kid who's serving in the Philippines who's from banana (Kiritimati)) is going to be baptized in a couple weeks which is awesome ! (He's our investigator btw)

Kiritimati is good. Glad to hear you're all doing great! We probably won't get conference in English but we will get to watch it in Kiribati after a week or two.

Love you all,

Elder Pettingill


McCormick is our district leader and I met him right when I came here...he's elder vaai's trainer

No we didn't get to see pres much. They kinda forgot about us out here haha but it's good.

We do have district meeting every week...

We got some letters from February which was fun.

Love you Internet's over

We discovered this week that Elder McCormick (Daniel's District Leader) is the son of Rich's second missionary companion when he served in Argentina. It was a fun connection for Rich to make! 

Also here are a couple of links (first, second) to videos of evening entertainment at the Captain Cook Hotel in Kiritimati. I think I might like to go there!

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