Sunday, March 22, 2015

Questions about Christmas

Does the word Kiritimati actually mean Christmas or do we call it Christmas in English because of the way it is pronounced in Kiribati?  Kiritimati = Christmas just spelled with Kiribati letters just like
Kiribati = Gilbert

Are you sleeping in the bed in the hotel, or on the floor on your mat? Which do you prefer? I sleep in the bed. It's like a small pad on a frame and it's nice. It's the same really to me I guess. Sometimes I like the floor
sometimes bed.

Tell us about your first week in church there. What time do you meet?  We meet at 9 o'clock.  

How big is the ward/branch? 
It's about 80ish+ strong members here. Branch. Working on going stake/ward real soon. 

Did you have to speak? Do you help teach lessons? Or do you do less there than you did on Beru? Helped in Priesthood.  They are pretty good about lessons here. Much less than on Beru

Have you gotten to spend much time with President while he has been there? We have not. Actually here in Banana we are wayy separated from everyone else.  Which is nice until President comes...haha it's been 
wayy fun though.

Is the weather different there than Tarawa? Beru? It's hot. classic desert island. wayy pretty.

Do people have jobs, rather than just collecting coconuts and fishing? Yeah people work in the government/are teachers/own stores.

What kind of food have you been eating? good food.  Milk fish = wayy good fish and there's tons here.

Also I think I'm going to try to transition more to letters rather than emails but I'll let you all know more about my thoughts on that next week. The computer can just be rough sometimes....headaches ;)

I love you too!

Here are some pictures of milk fish, which grow to 3-5 feet.

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