Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tarawa Week 8

We didn't get much from Daniel today. He was emailing us for a few minutes, answering my questions, and then suddenly he was gone and never got back on. Here is the little we received. 

Did you check on that address for me? I have a package all ready to send but don't know where to send it. If I can send it to Christmas, I would like to. You could probably wait on that until I actually go out there and I'll get it.  I should be going out like the 23d nowadays.

Is there some kind of keyboard on Tarawa or is the singing acapella? There are pianos and keyboards yeah but mostly we go acapella.

Do you attend any other wards beside Bikenibeu 1st? Is it a 3 hour block or shorter like on Beru? Nope just bikenibeu 1 and yes it's 3 hours.  Hitting up that 12 oclock block.

Before getting with Elder Stone, did you speak Kiribati all day every day? Has it been a change to speak some English as well? Yeah I did, it's no big deal. It's fun to speak english but honestly they are kind of the same for me nowadays, well we're getting there anyhow.

What is your daily schedule like there? Is it similar to Beru or completely different? We teach a lot more lessons here, like 10+ everyday.

Did I ever tell you Elder Davis had an older brother serve in France? I think his time ended like last year or something.  PS Did I tell you all we had zone training two weeks ago or did I not?  Well we watched Meet the Mormons if I forgot. It was cool.


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