Sunday, April 26, 2015

Christmas Week 6

Haha that would be pretty awesome if that kid came here haha. (Rich is hoping the son of another Elder from his mission goes to Daniel's mission. The son of Rich's second companion, Elder McCormick, is currently Daniel's district leader.We also read of two white, American sisters being called to his mission recently.) I hear there is supposed to be a lot of new missionaries coming in the summer and President has plans to open a lot of new areas...but Idk I just do my thing

So I will try to send another letter on Thursday with an SD card in it with pictures.

This past week was pretty...sweet haha.  We got a split in so I was with Elder McCormick for a day which was pretty cool.  He's way chill and had some good insights. I got about 7 flat that was rough, eventually we found out that there was a thorn inside my bike tire so it kept poking a new hole in my tube... Dad maybe you might want to check that on Beth's bike ;) (Beth's bike keeps getting holes in the tires and Rich told Daniel he can't figure out why.)

Other than that it was a fast week.  But it's definitely weeks like that which, little after little, shape us into the people we need to be tomorrow.

I love you all,

Elder Pettingill
Rich with his second mission companion in Argentina, Elder McCormick. 


Did Elder Tareka's brother got baptized? Where do you do the baptism? What was the program like?  Elder Tareka's brother got baptized. It was good. We had almost 30 people there. there were two other kids we baptized. solid service.

Do you feel like your testimony is growing? Yeah my testimony is growing

Did you get any letters or the Easter pkg?  I haven't got any letters or packages yet

Did you get to do any more shark fishing?  We haven't yet, maybe later

How is Sister Lavender who served in our ward?  She is great. Married to an RM. stay at home mom. one kid wayy nice

Do they have primary in your branch? How many children are there? Do you ever get to teach the children? Yes they do. they have like 10-20 kids. Nope they have a primary presidency

What about the youth program? Are any living at home or do they all go to Moroni High on Tarawa?  Some go to different schools, it's combined with the YSA.

Are we going to be able to skype? Uhmm about the skype...We're not exactly sure how that will work here. Elder Stone and I will try at the hotel and there's another place we are going to try to get to work. We'll probably have to let you all know the week right before...but also it'd be sweet to try to get on at the same time as Jacob if you all just tell us when he will be skyping we will try to get on with our phone, if it's allowed.

Anyways, I love you too! thank you soo much for being awesome!

Elder Pettingill

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