Sunday, January 31, 2016

Maiana 28 Dec 2015 Snail Mail letter arrived 29 January 2016

Monday, December 28, 2015

     not much
          yeah me either
                                    We're about to throw down at this new year's party we're having at the                                                   church/now at the local village manieba (still haven't figured out how to
                                    describe what that is in English
Way stoked I got to talk to all of you on Christmas, way fun. It all started cause we were trying to help Elder Aru call his family and so I decided to try and boom. I hear mom trying to figure out who was calling speaking some random language. Haha "Mauri! this is elder Pettingill!" Classic :)

Just listened to Jefffrey R. Holland's 2008 general conference talk "Safety for the Soul" about the importance/truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Loved the part about how Joseph Smith and Hyrum would not read from and "take solace from" a book that they had fictated hours before their death if it wasn't true. Elder Holland's a real great teacher!

Uhm not sure where my comp went, one sec...Haha he was just helping bring some food into the manieba...islanders, right? You'll all probably see some stuff like that in me when I get home. ; ) Well we will see, it's hard to tell if I'll switch back or not. Not obedience wise but things like being laid back and sharing everything and stuff. 

Oh and I've finally conquered mosquitoes and speaking in front of large groups of people (well at least in Kiribati) is easier. I really enjoy being "marurung" or active/productive. Love reading the bible. 

We're about to start. Love you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Tekeraoi nte ririki ae bou!

ao nte kiritimati aei

Love, Elder Pettingill

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