Monday, January 18, 2016

Missed flight! Tarawa on the way to Nonouti

Turns out Nonouti might have good internet (we'll see how long that
lasts if at all?)

oh yeah and I kinda missed my flight today whoops so we'll see wednesday

Elder Vaai will replace me once I go and replace him on Nonouti :)

 I'm realizing that as all of my english encounters with
the missionaries have left some kind of awkward pause where no one
really knew what I was trying to say...and I don't know.. and I'm
still in Kiribati haha at least I'm going to have an American
companion now in Nonouti so that should get my english back up to par
I hope

Also Elder Young (an elder from Australia that served in my district

soo long ago in Bikenibeu) and I saw each other again after a full
year. Had some Deja Vu and some fun time Reminiscing and then I
realized He's one of the only elders I know on Tarawa along with a
couple others that I've seen a time or two here and there haha

Love you talk to you all next week hopefully.

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