Sunday, January 17, 2016

Email from Tarawa: off to Nonouti

I received this email at 12:45 am, when I woke up to turn off Pandora. 

Hey Mom.

I'm back :)

for now. I'll be headed back out to a different island, Nonouti tomorrow so...?  

Haha love you

I quickly emailed back and was able to catch him before he got off. Here were my questions and his answers: 

Who will your new companion be? Elder Larsen. 

Any email? Sounds like there isn't email but we'll see. 

Was it hard to leave? It was hard but different than leaving Beru and Christmas that's for sure.  Haha we held a combined church before we left cause otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done and almost missed our flight cause our car ran out of gas and then the person that went to buy more gas didn't bring any money so we ended up saying a prayer and hitching a ride with a random dude who turned out to be a way long LA (less active) member haha.  I'll try to get on tomorrow morning before going and talk then. 
Here is what I found out about Nonouti from an Elder who served there previously:

Nonouti! 2nd biggest outer island in Kiribati, with a roughly 2 hour bike ride from the airfield in the center to the farthest village. Pronounced No Nose, with a hard s as in ice at the end (big joke before I came here was that people felt sorry for people from Nonouti, because they didn't have noses. Kiribati people love an English pun.) Reopened for missionary work in 2014 after 20 years. House has no running water, no electricity, no bathroom, but there is a kerosene stove. They get fed all the time by everyone, members and non-members. There are little stores all over the island. They usually ride 40 miles per day to get all over the island for teaching. Lots of rain which makes bike riding hard. 

His companion, Elder Larsen, entered the MTC in September and arrived in the country at the end of October.

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