Sunday, April 5, 2015

Christmas Week 3

Heyy. wasup?

First off can't believe Kody's finally getting baptized.  He used to go to seminary with me all the time. Like he was in two of my classes?  He like needed a ride and his carpool was mormons so answer was he went to seminary. Great guy.  Tell him what a great decision he's making for me.

Tareka is in the Philippines nowadays and he's doing great.

Banana is solid.  Last week I got a group of 5 kids to all close their eyes and try not to be the first one to laugh...and then I shot them all with the nerf gun.  Although, I think I may have to retire it now since it isn't exactly a inviter of the Holy Ghost to our lessons now is it?  At least that's what Stone says....Hahah

We did end up getting to listen to today's session of general conference with this one member named Rodney who somehow had BYU channel...although the picture ended up not working but it was still wayy sweet.  the missionaries who got to see yesterdays said it was better though....I don't know. What I heard was great and Uchtorf had a great talk.  I was kinda in n out of sleep for the rest of them so I'm not quite sure who's was who's but it was still good!

Spiritual experience?  we asked one of our investigator (Tareka's little brothers friend)  if he would be willing to prayer about the restoration and baptism on his second lesson with us but he just stopped us cold and said he's already gained a testimony of prayer from our lesson on it with us...something that he has never thought was important before..and because of that he knows our lessons are true and so the restoration must be true and he was wayy happy to be baptized.  It was a really awesome experience especially since we've been seeing quite a little bit of opposition lately.

All good. Keep working hard. I love Elder Stone, my mission president and being a missionary and I love all of you guys too! ;)

Elder Pettingill

P.S.  I tried to send pictures. I'll copy to one of the sim cards and send one home next week. sorry


How is the language coming? Is it pretty different from what you spoke on Beru and Tarawa? language is solid.

How is your 'son' Elder Tareka doing? Is he still in Provo or already to his mission? tareka is in his area. 

How old is his brother? Is anyone else in his family a member? his bro is 12 and the rest of his family are not members but they aren't quite ready for lessons yet I think. We're trying.

Are you having any trouble finding people to teach? yes and no.  We're getting there.

Do you have hot showers in the hotel? no. cold

Do you ever see or hear evening shows or performances at the hotel? no. we work.  Although though saw a little bit of this wayy cool one...

What kind of people stay at the hotel with you? fishermen mostly. we don't see them much. it's like bangaloos. like little huts/two room houses

How big is Banana? not that big. like a ten minute bike ride through it.

What do you do on pday? we rest. email. go down to the other missionaries. in a couple weeks we have something special planned which'll be sweet. today we watched conference.

Some pictures I found on the internet of the village where be is working. 
Banana pre-school
view of Beach near Captain Cook Hotel
Ba'hai faith church and local homes in Banana

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