Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A letter in the mail!

23/3/15 or 3/23/15

To my family:
     So I don't think my email got out to y'all today and I figured I haven't written a letter to y'all in ages. Also Elda Stone's a big communicator through letters and I guess he must be rubbing off on me...
     Anywho, I have been in Kiritimati for over two weeks...It's Thursday now. Dinner fell through so we got back early and cooked here. Dinner is the last thing we do because here (in Kiritimati) after 7:30 it's too dark to go around so that's when we have dinner. (Fun Fact) We just basically white washed the whole district here with only Elders Aru and Openshaw staying and Sister Pasina (kain au <from my> intake!) District meetings on Thursdays so we had that and took pictures...though not on my camera, was legit. Set a district goal for 20 baptisms in April so we'll be working hard for that one.
     By the way, we found President Weir did go fishing on Monday (when he visited) but didn't take any missionaries which was a bummer (I feel like Napolean Dynamite using that word--and my hair is getting long again...) Oh well, he's coming back in May. So maybe we'll get to go then!
     Gotta say it's been pretty swell (I feel like "Clark"/nerdy Superman with that one) being comps with Elda Stone. We get along great. Have no trouble talking all the time. Lessons go smooth and we work hard. No complaints only thanks. (Just made that rhyme up haha) Does that even rhyme? I aki ataia Imanga kabi ntaetae ni Imatang. E tikiraoi bwate kekeiaki ngkoe. (I don't know. I'm not that good at speaking outsider again. It's good. I'm getting there you.)  By the way...definitely sitting cross legged (kabwari) while writing this with a pillow for my table. You all should try it, it's wayy comfortable and keeps you awake too!
     Also I figure I should let Adam and all other prospective opponents in sports know for when I get back that Stone's big on working out in the mornings and it's gotten me pumped up so I'm working out too and am currently at 200+ pushups everyday. So watch out. Also warning to all cute girls RM Elder Pettingill it going to be hott. All I do is tan, workout and spread the Gospel everyday. ; ) hahaha
     Okay sorry this was all over the place on this. You are free to throw it in the trash if y'all are mad.
     I hope you all are happy! I love yous and keep being awesome all of you guys and maybe you'll get called to Kiribati!
     Love, Elder Pettingill

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