Sunday, April 19, 2015

Christmas Week 5

Mauri ngkami!

So uhm we didnt end up doing sand volleyball...power outage and stuff...but we did just get back from fishing for sharks and standing on the reef and catching crabs, way good start, didn't catch any sharks but it was still fun...Kiritimati island holds a ton of world records for fishing so if we're gunna catch anything it'll be here!

Wayy good week. Like we saw a lot of blessings. Actually we literally are sitting here emailing and the receptionist asked us if we had any books to read, elder stone asked if she wanted a book of Mormon and she said yes and that she'd had lessons before with sisters but wasn't ready then and now with a small kid and a runaway husband she's ready to change her we'll go and teach her tonight. Straight miracles.

We baptized elder tareka's brother this past Saturday and started lessons with his oldest brother and now it looks like we might get his step dad...also his mom came to the baptism and almost came to church.   

Honestly this last week was the rewards of confronting Satan head on and not backing down.   Everything from rain and wind everyday to investigators giving up and acting like they didn't even know us.

Love being a missionary. Love having the spirit. I love all of you. No need to worry cause we're all perfectly safe out here.

What I've found to be key is making sure that you do everything you need to do today, today. Cause every time you back off or push off something for whatever reason, it only makes it that much harder the next time around.

Oh also I'm going to be really tired when I get home.

Regarding Mother's Day, I'll ask around about skyping...shouldn't be a problem, we'll see if the internet lets us it might just end up being a call...might be able to work out calling at the same time as Jacob if you all want.

Love you!
Sorry if I'm not making any sense
Elder Pettingill
our three missionaries just before Jacob left

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