Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christmas Week 4

Soo hey.

Today's gunna be quick cause we're gunna go play companion sand volleyball and go down to the local wharf.

Not much is new. Still pounding away out here.  If anyone needs bike help, pretty sure I'll be the guy since we have now dealt with almost every bike problem imaginable including at least 10 flat tires since we've been here so patching is like 2nd nature... 

Banana is like a 20 minute drive from the place where we district meeting...

Wayy weird Josh is 17 like I kinda still feel like I'm 17 haha we'll both be freshman in college when I get home but that's like forever away so we're all good .

Quick spiritual experience: We asked a kid named Namoititi to pray about our lessons ...he didn't feel it. We asked him to really search for the truth. He prayed again and felt the spirit.

Also record for crabs killed by me on the way biking home at night is 24. Combined with Elder Stone we killed almost 50. So fun.

Anyways I love you all, think there was a bunch of stuff I forgot to say but maybe next week? ;)

Elder Pettingill 

Have you met the sister from Christmas Island who served in our ward? I thought I told you about her... I met her, had dinner with her twice and figured it out there. She remembered me as a 16 year old who blessed the sacrament in the ward split conference,    wayyy awesome. 

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